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10 Ways to be LAME-O at Blogworld


I am freshly back from Blogworld 2010. I attended two sessions. Mostly, I hung out in the hallways, in the new media lounge and in the expo and talked to people. For me, that is where the magic happens. It’s also where great people watching happens. And boy-howdy, was there stuff to watch.

It seems from the behavoir I observed, that some people came to BWE determined to be totally lame. Either that or their mother didn’t teach them any manners. Or they forgot the ones she did teach them.

So, in case you would like to emulate these oh-so-charming folks, I thought I would whip together 10 no fail ways to be lame-o at Blogworld. What I am about to describe actually happened – either to I saw it or someone I was with saw. #cantmakethisstuffup

1) Stay huddled up in a pack with all the people you already know as you roam the halls and session rooms.

2) Don’t wear your name tag or introduce yourself because people should know who you are.

3) Act annoyed when other people sit down at the table you have all to yourself in the New Media Lounge.

4) When a new person you don’t know joins your group conversation, either a) ignore them or b) turn to them and say “And you are?”

5) Sit in a very crowded session with empty seats on both sides of you and force people to climb over you to sit down. Bonus points for not moving you feet so people can get by.

6) At a networking lunch, sit with several people you know, talk amongst yourselves and ignore the people you’ve never met.

7) Leave your sense of humor at home and load up on your sense of self-importance.

8) As someone approaches you, do a full body visual frisk, pausing at their name tag, before deciding a) if and b) how you might choose to greet them.

9) Don’t introduce people to each other because, really, it’s too much trouble and who wants to be that generous.

10) Be a self-professed “guru”, meet the same person three times in 36 hours and each time, without the faintest hint of recognition on your face, say “Nice to meet you.”

If you were at Blog World – or any other event like it – you’ve no doubt run into these lame-o people. Feel free to share your best tip for imitating them.

And P.S. Lest you think I am a malcontent, I got some really great stuff from Blog World that I will sharing in the coming weeks.

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