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10 Sparkling & Amazing Lessons I Learned at Blogworld


See? I told you I wasn’t a malcontent focused only on the negative in 10 Ways to Be Lame-O at Blogworld. 🙂

I learned a lot by watching amazing people do amazing things during that crazy three days. Again, this mostly happened in the hallways, at lunch, in the New Media Lounge, etc. because that’s where I think most of the action is.

Here are ten things I learned – and a shout out to the person who taught me;

1) You can never be too generous. Calvin Lee (@MayhemStudios) is a walking, talking generosity billboard. He is so well connected, he knows everyone and gets invited to everything. And when he can swing it, he gets me invited too. Someday, I hope to be just like him.

2) True rockstars effortlessly make new acquaintances feel like old friends. I’m pretty sure Terry Starbucker (@Starbucker) knew 95% of everyone at BlogWorld. I knew who he was but we had never met. I can’t even remember who introduced us. But every single time I saw him after that, he greeted me by name, like I was someone he was so glad to see. Such a gift.

3) With very little effort, you can laugh really hard with total strangers. I was at a small lunch gathering where I didn’t know that many people. I wound up sitting with complete and total strangers- but we weren’t strangers for long. Within a matter of minutes, we devised one of the best spoof brands EVER and spent the rest of the time plotting how it would take over the world. Thank you @sgiarde and @kikilitalien for making me laugh so hard I cried.

4) It’s easy to make people feel a part of. My friend @BigHeadAsian and I were at a table in the New Media Lounge, effusively catching up because we hadn’t seen each other in a year. As new people wandered up to our table to plug in to power or to catch up on their laptop or whatever, he welcomed them by name and asked all kinds of questions about who they were. He INCLUDED them in the conversation. I took notes.

5) You can be even more awesome in person than you are online. Before Blogworld, I’d chatted with @pacesmith every now and then on twitter. Nothing major – just chitchat. But even in chitchat, I knew I really liked her. And THEN I met her IRL! So warm. So genuine. So interested. So interesting. And that “click” happened – you know that click when you meet someone that you feel an instant connection to? And it rocked.

6) Introducing people to each other and making connections is just an awesome thing to do. I got to traipse @johnhaydon one afternoon and he introduced me to all kinds of amazing people. And believe me, he knows a TON of amazing people. He never made it feel like it was difficult to do or as an “after the fact” kind of thing. Always effortless. Always inclusive. Starting to see a running theme here?

7) Famous authors who greet the world with enthusiasm are irresistible. I’ve met a lot of authors. And many of the ones I’ve met are either a) sortof ickily fake enthusiastic of b) above being enthusiastic. And then, there’s @barrymoltz. Barry saw me at a luncheon before I saw him, jumped out of his seat, ran over to my table and greeted me with such enthusiasm, I couldn’t help but laugh. And after that, every time I saw him, I got the same enthusiastic greeting. Loved every second of being around him.

8) You can have a ton of friends and a ton of people to talk to and still carve out space and time for people who matter. @jonathanfields taught me this one. Jonathan had a ton of friends and colleagues at Blogworld. And he had serious business to conduct while he was there. But in all of that, he carved out time to just hang out with me, ride in a limo, laugh a lot and just be. There is never too much of that.

9) Nothing beats the personal touch. I watched @catherinecaine mount her money raising efforts to get herself to Blogworld from half way around the planet like I was watching a great movie unfold. So many people stepped up and helped and she stayed the course and got herself there. And when she arrived, she’d made personal little gifties for people. I mean I had swag – but not different gifts for different people. And I’m talking about LOTS of different people.  That kind of attention and care is so rare in this world – and yet makes others feel important and valued. Wow.

10) You always need friends who totally get you. My girls @carlayoung, @elizabethpw @mamabritt @allisonnazarian (though I didn’t see her nearly enough) were all sort of like homebase for me. I’d got do what I needed or wanted to do, but I never went far without checking in with them. At parties, on the expo floor, in the hallways, these were the faces I looked for as my safety zone.  Could not have done Blogworld without them. #theend

So there you have it. Some of the very best things I learned at Blogworld and the people who taught me. I consider myself to be incredibly lucky and blessed to have such amazing teachers. 🙂

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