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Help Them Have a Vision – Eye Care for Kids


As most of you know I’ve been an avid and vocal supporter of 12for12k (a growing Twitter movement that raises money and awareness for GREAT charities!) since February of this year.

It is the brainchild of Danny Brown and we are committed to raising $12,000 a month for 12 different charities.

The charity for July is Eye Care for Kids – an organization that helps countless children overcome the obstacle of impaired vision to become better learners and better students.

I remember the first time I realized my vision wasn’t right. I was navigating the streets of Washington DC – where I lived at the time – at dusk.  Even though I’d driven the route a million times, I still checked the road signs, etc, to make sure I was in the right lane and going in the right direction.

On this night though, I couldn’t read the signs. They were all blurry.  Not a fun thing to discover with traffic whizzing around you at break neck speed and making the wrong turn might add 30 minutes to my commute!

Fortunately, I leaned heavily on my memory and intuition and managed to get where I was going without making a wrong turn or causing a wreck. The next day, I went straight to the eye doctor, got fitted for glasses and contacts and POOF! problem solved.

I’m guessing that’s how most of us have could or would solve a vision problem of our own or of a loved ones’s. Pretty simple thing to fix, right?

Not if you live in rural Utah – especially if you live on an Indian reservation.  In that state there are over 9,000 docuEye-care-for-kids-home-pagemented annual cases of children who need eye care and their families can’t afford it.

Which means there are children in school who can’t see the books in front of them or the teacher or the blackboard. Children who can’t clearly see the leaves of a tree or blades of grass or even their parents faces.

How can we expect them to have a big vision for themselves if they can’t see their own face clearly in the mirror?

We can change this and make a big difference for these children.

Visit the Eye Care for Kids website and learn more about what they do.  You’ll see at 12for12k widget that makes giving even a small amount super easy.  If you want to know more about the work of 12for12k, you can visit our website here.

I so appreciate that you took the time to read this post and hope you will take a small action today that can make a big difference in a child’s life/

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