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Archive for December, 2008

Monday Afternoon Ark Project Update

December 15th, 2008

Ok, I just checked the page and Change. org and added in our Canadian donations from Paypal.  Drumroll please………we now have 2 Sheep and 2 flocks of chicks residing in the Ark.  Hurray!!!!!  And we are very close to 2 beehives.  I feel like Noah counting 2 by 2…..:)

I want to thank the following people for making that happen:

Elizabeth Marshall –
Jayson Gaddis –
Michael Stammer –
Alicia Cohen – Look her up on Facebook!
Teresa Romain –
Janica Smith –
Gina Bell –
TheGirlPie – find her on twitter @TheGirlPie
Sandy Grason –
Lee Ann Price –
Erin Reynolds –
The Book Bug –

Remember, everyone can help by:
1) Using the links to make a small donation (ONLY Canadians use the Paypal link, ok?  It is set up for Canadian dollars)

2) Make a comment here for others to see

3) Let your network know via Twitter, Facebook, blogs, email, etc.

Stay tuned for more updates:)

Alicia Forest Shares Her Excitement

December 15th, 2008

Ooooo thanks to my friend and colleague Alicia Forest ( for spreading the word about The Ark Project in her newsletter yesterday! I am humbled by the number of people who are embracing the size of the project and are determined to make it happen.

Alicia and I were together at Ali Brown’s OSBW workshop in LA.  When I told her my idea for The Maverick Mom and showed her my the sketch I had done, she cried because she knew it was so perfect.  I am so lucky to have her as a friend and a mastermind partner.  Below is a quick video we shot while we were together so she could share her excitement about this new venture.

If you want to send me a video of YOU sharing your excitement about The Maverick Mom and The Ark Project, I just might post it here, too.:)

And now….Alicia Forest!

And The Ark Project Continues……

December 15th, 2008

This Ark Project, sort of like The Maverick Mom, is turning into quite the learning experience.  Many many people have expressed support and enthusiasm for the project which feels great.  BUT to fill the Ark, support and enthusiasm must translate into action.  So, If you think this project is truly worthwhile, I would like to ask you to take 3 actions steps:

1) Make a financial contribution of $10.  There are two links at the bottom of the main post. One for US donors and one for Canadian donors.

2) Make a comment at this blog.

3) Help me spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, newsletters, etc.

Lots of folks are stepping up and taking these actions.  Later today I will writing a post (complete with link love) to thank everyone who is willingly serving as an “early adopter” on this project.  Let me say now that my words will probably fail to express the depth of my gratitude, but I will do my best.:)

In the meantime, let’s go PLAY BIG!

Interview with Jayson Gaddis of The Revolutionary Man

December 12th, 2008

I know! I know! This site is about Maverick Moms – but Maverick Moms need Revolutionary Men in their lives, right?!!!

jayson gaddisYou are going to love listening to Jayson talk about his mission to help men find their purpose, live bigger lives – and be sexier (va-va-va-voom!).  He’s also got some great thoughts for women who are playing a bigger game and want to enoucrage the men in their lives to do the same.

Click here to listen and/or download.

And you can catch up with Jayson at The Revolutionary Man.

Coco Fossland's 7 Day Manifestion Journey

December 5th, 2008

Coco Fossland, of World Changing Business (, and one of my favorite Maverick Moms, has put together an AMAZING seven day manifestation journey – and it is free.  This journey includes workbooks, live calls, call recordings – it could easily be an expensive class she charged for, but she isn’t – lucky us!

I’ve already started downloading workbooks and the recordings I’ve missed.  Playing Big requires manifesting some pretty big stuff in the next 7 Days and I can’t WAIT to get started. 

Join the Journey here:

Andrea Lee's 'Multiple Streams' Book is FREE!

December 4th, 2008

Gotta tell ya – I can remember sitting at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans 3 1/2 years ago munching on beignets (powdered sugar is STILL in the pages) as I devoured the pages of this book.  Jotting notes all in the margins, formulating execution plans – it literally changed the course of my business.  As one of my coaching friends said, “It’s like the Rosetta Stone to building a PROFITABLE coaching practice.” 

Since then, I’ve had the good fortune of meeting Andrea and adding her to my list of mentors.  She is on my short list of very very VERY favorite people in the whole wide world (and I hope she reads that!).

She’s put her book, Multiple Streams of Coaching Income, up on her site for FREE until December 9. 

In it you will learn how to master the art of creating revenue streams for your business that 1) do not require lots and lots of blood sweat and tears and 2) eliminate trading time for $$$.  Sound good?  Thought so!

So, dash on over to and grab your copy while you can!

Searching for Treasure

December 2nd, 2008

My family and I just finished up our annual two week Thanksgiving vacation off the coast of Georgia. One of our very favorite activities there is hunting for shark’s teeth along the shoreline. What does hunting for elusive tiny prehistoric shark’s teeth have to do with you and with me and with our businesses? Read on and I think you will understand.:)

I remember when my husband introduced me to the art of finding sharks teeth amongst the other dark colored objects in the sand. He was describing the shape and the way they tumble in the surf when I looked down and saw just what he describing at my feet. I picked it up and said “Is this one?”. At the time, I did not know that finding a tooth was considered to be a difficult task and my easy find was written off to “beginner’s luck”.

That was several years ago and I have to say that since that day, I have had extraordinary success as a shark’s tooth hunter. I thought about this particular hobby as we combed our favorite hunting ground in the late afternoon last week.

Shark’s teeth come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, depending on exactly what kind of shark lost its chompers. But they have one thing in common-a special gray and black combination that is unmistakable. They are easier to find in bright sunlight, not so easy in the long light of a setting sun. Lots of things in the sand can fool you into thinking you’ve found the treasure you are after, but upon examination, they are simply “fool’s gold”.

Isn’t our quest for “an Extraordinary Business and an Extraordinary Life” a similar kind of treasure hunt?

We fix in our mind what we are searching for, learning it’s particular shape and feel-the way it glints in the bright sunshine. Some days, depending on the weather, we feel like we will never lay eyes on our treasure. Other days, we are fooled over and over again by Great Pretenders. Ah, but then comes a day, when we look down and there at our feet, lies just what we are searching for. All we have to do is reach down and grasp it in our palm. The thrill of victory!

Don’t give up on your search. You will find what you are looking for…it is waiting for you to take hold of it and treasure it always!

I missed playing Rock'em Sock'em Kung Fu Panda

December 1st, 2008

I am a terrible mom.  My son asked me three times tonight to play Rock’em Sock’em Kung Fu Panda.  I kept saying I would and I didn’t.  I am the big loser in that equation because I actually LIKE this game.

In case you are wondering, Rock’em Sock’em Kung Fu Panda is an update of a game my brothers had when we were little.  Remember the commercial for Rock’em Sock’em Robots?  One players robot hit the other players robot just so, his head popped up and a little boy said “You knocked my block off!”.

Well, this is the same game except that in the place of robots, we have Po and Ti Lung. My son is ALWAYS Po (which is fine with me cuz I secretly think that Ti Lung is pretty sexy in all his evilness) and he says to me “I just want to whisper something in Ti Lung’s ear.”  He angles Po up to Ti Lung just so, clicks his controller, makes Po kick and BLAME! He knocked Ti Lung’s block off.

And I missed out on that tonight.  Why? Not that it really matters but I was deeply engrossed in trying to figure out a new Facebook thingy I wanted to use.  Can you imagine?!  I chose a Facebook widget over spending a great time with my son getting my block knocked off.

Tomorrow, I make better choices.