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Archive for January, 2009

Final Ark Project Report

January 5th, 2009

Help Families in Need - Gift ArkSome great last minute donations came in via Paypal last week – thank you everyone for that!  I am pleased to report that we have raised enough for just about half an Ark. Not bad considering this blog started in December with zero following!!

I will leave the donation links up on the blog so that anyone can make a donation at anytime.

My biggest a-ha from the entire event was connecting “doing good” through Heifer International to “sharing entrepreneurism” with those around the world who desperately need and want it.  While it may seem like an obvious line to draw, it did not dawn on me until about half-way through the campaign. 

The impact of this connection hit me so hard that I think I am going to add it to the mission of The Maverick Mom.  Who better to share entrepreneurship around the world than mompreneurs?! 

Look for opportunities and features for “giving back a little to gain a lot” as this blog grows and develops.

And again, thank you to everyone who helped make The Ark Project a success!