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More and Less in 2011


I’ve decided to use two questions to guide 2011. Not just the year, but the month, the week, the day – heck even the hour. Wanna know that they are? Of course you do!

Question 1: What do I want more of?

Question 2: What do I want less of?

Once I answer these questions for myself, then I can set about creating “More of” and “Less of” with the precision of a swiss watch. If I don’t answer these questions, I’ll just wander around, thinking general thoughts and creating general results. Pretty mediocre I’d say.

So, for 2011, here are a few answers I’ve come up with.

I would like more:

– Time with family and friends
– Focus on the work I find most meaningful
– Healthy food and drink
– Facebook knowledge
– Exercise
– Good books
– Fresh air
– Ease and contentment

I would like less:

– Stress
– Fast food
– Mindless entertainment
– Disorganization
– Stuff

I’ll keep adding to these lists and make them more granular for short spans of time. I’m thinking they will act like a compass – keeping me pointed in the right direction no matter what else is happening around me.

What about you? What do you want more of and less of in 2011? Would love it if you would share in the comments!

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