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24 Traits of a Game-Changer


Last week I was supposed to MC an event for Wicker Park Group’s Client Relationship Symposium. Well, we all know that I “got the call” from Russia and had to hop on a plane. So the brains behind Wicker Park Group, Nat Slavin and Laura Meherg, and I pow-wowed on a solution and came up with idea of a pre-recorded opening video that would set the tone for the event and give participants something to build on.

(As a side note, one thing game-changers do is adapt and figure it out without a lot of drama.)

So I created 5 Important Traits of a Game-Changer which you can watch below. And what I love is that throughout the two-day event, the list of traits I began grew to twenty-four!

Again, this is not a be-all-to-end-all list. In fact, I could love it if you all  add even more. 🙂

So here’s the video:

And here is the list of 24 Traits of a Game-changer:

Traits of Game Changers:

  1. flexible/adaptable
  2. risk takers
  3. make mistakes
  4. visionary-work at it
  5. engage others
  6. transparent
  7. communicators
  8. persistent
  9. follow gut instincts
  10. comfortable talking about the uncomfortable
  11. stake a claim/commit
  12. have courage/guts
  13. trusting and encouraging
  14. open minded
  15. connectors
  16. good listeners
  17. influencers
  18. proactive
  19. prioritize
  20. do what they say they will do
  21. get scared
  22. say yes
  23. resilient
  24. innovative

So what additions do you have?!

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