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Announcing 30 Days to Changing Your Game Blog Series

Join 30 Days to Changing Your Game and you will get access to the exclusive blog series starting January 11, 2009.

Give me 30 Days and I Will Give You Inspiration and Action Steps to Dramatically Change Your Game!

It’s in the air and on the cyber airwaves. The status quo, the same-old same-old, the hackneyed guru formulas for doing business and living life just don’t cut it anymore.

Everyone knows it’s time for a radically different game and a radically different game plan.

But the question is, which game do we change to? And how?

I started asking these very questions about six months ago. And, as I always do, I turned to some of the smartest and brightest people I’m lucky enough to know. I observed, I asked questions, I read. I basically absorbed as much as I could from those I admire most and translated it all into my own game plan.

Then I started thinking, “If I want to learn how to change my game from the best people I know, maybe other people do too.”

And so the 30 Days to Change Your Game Blog Series was born.

Who This Is For

This series is for those of us who really REALLY want to run our businesses (and maybe even our lives) differently from the way everyone says we “have to”. We will set aside 30 days beginning January 11, 2010 to take inspired action toward changing the way we play the game of success.

AND, the friends and colleagues who so generously help me have agreed to help you, too. Twenty-nine different guest authors will be sharing not only their wisdom but also their most highly recommended action step to becoming a game-changer.

(As a quick aside, I find that when I make a commitment to take a small step every single day and I have a group around me who is making the same intentional commitment, I make incredible progress toward my goal.)

If that sounds interesting, fun and challenging to you, I hope you’ll keep reading or you can join us here:

Here’s how 30 Days to Change Your Game will work:

Each day for 30 days beginning January 11, 2010, one of my friends will share a blog post with you that includes:

  1. Inspiration for changing your game
  2. A specific game-changing task you can take action on immediately

Who are my friends who are so generously sharing their talent as part of this series? So glad you asked!

Leesa Barnes


Danny Brown


michaelbs Michael Bungay



Bob Burg


Yvonne DiVita


Marie Forleo


Chris Garrett


Sandy Grason


John Haydon


Sherman Hu


Del Jones


Shelly Kramer


Kyle Lacy


Calvin Lee


Colin Lewis


Elizabeth Marshall


Mollie Marti


Mary Kay Morgan


kimberlee Kimberlee Morrison


Dave Navarro


Allison Nazarian



Potts Weinstein


Nat Slavin


Nate St. Pierre


Sophfronia Scott
Jeffrey Summers


Andrew Weaver


Carla Young


Great group if I do say so myself. 🙂

Now, one thing you need to know. This project is about DOING, not passively reading a bunch of great ideas you have no intention of taking action on.

If you’ve been around for a while, you will probably hear a few things you’ve heard before. And because we will be covering A LOT of ground in 30 days, some posts will be more relevant to you than others. My hope is that you will “play through” and take the inspiration and the action anyway. Or you may decide to take what you need now and come back for the rest later. Either way, you win.

I can promise you that at the end of 30 Days, you will be in a MUCH different place and playing a MUCH different game than you are now. You will have walked through a crash course in how to change your game and you will have learned from the some the sharpest minds around. Pretty exciting huh? Yeah – I think so too. 🙂

To Participate

If you want to get the most out of the 30 Days, I would like to ask you to register for the series. You will receive one email per day through the length of the series notifying you that the post is up, sharing the link to it and providing a little “extra” every now an then.

Of course you don’t have to register and can follow along by checking the blog every day or through the RSS feed, but I STRONGLY encourage you to register for a couple of reasons:

  1. When I sign up for something and it shows up in my inbox every day, it a) reminds of my commitment and b) holds me more accountable.
  2. I plan on sending along some extra info and maybe a goody or two to those who are serious enough about this 30 day series to register. The posts on the blog will helpful to anyone who stops by to read them. But the emails I send each day might include an extra resource, point you to another blog or even include something fun. 🙂

If you choose to sign up, you can unsubscribe anytime if you find it isn’t relevant or helpful to you.

Once the series is complete, I’m not planning to send a ton of additional emails. I may send along some things that might be helpful, but the daily emails will stop. And, again, if the emails I send aren’t giving you what you need, you can unsubscribe.

Sign up HERE for 30 Days to Changing Your Game:

I am really looking forward to this series and so hope you will join me.




185Sarah Robinson is a seasoned coach and business strategist who is passionate about the idea of escaping mediocrity – both personally and professionally. Her blog, not only journals her personal adventures in breaking free from the stranglehold of mediocrity but also offers insights, tools and a “tribe” for those who feel pulled toward the same adventurous life. Her expertise in personal and business change was developed through many years of working with and providing coaching to other entrepreneurs and start-up non-profits, where she honed her ability to “turn around” thousands of struggling individuals and organizations.