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> Know you’re meant to do something great in the world?

> Sick of hearing yourself make excuses?

> Ready to move out of “thinking about it” and into “doing it”?


Please join me for:

5 Emergency Steps to Getting Unstuck

A Fast-Action 1 Hour Tele-Class

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12:30 EST

**Class size limited to 30 people**

(Can’t make it live? That’s okay – you’ll get mp3 recordings and a written transcript PLUS you can submit your questions to me ahead of the call!)

~ Overview ~

I’d like to invite you to the inaugural tele-class for Escaping Mediocrity, 5 Emergency Steps to Getting Unstuck.

Though I’ve held hundreds of tele-classes in my previous coaching practices, I’ve waited to hold one as part of Escaping Mediocrity until I felt certain the topic and tools would be incredibly useful. I think I’ve discovered it. 🙂

If you know you want to Get Unstuck for just $49 , click here:

What I will be teaching: Five actionable steps you can take right away to get yourself unstuck and moving forward on whatever project or idea is important to you.

Who this is for: Anyone who feels mired down and unable to make real progress toward a goal. The main focus of this call will be on business, but the strategies will also work on non-business-y projects and ideas as well.

This is not for you if:
– You already have all the answers.
– You believe there is a magic pill that will instantly solve your challenges.
– You have a habit of saying “that may work for other people, but I’m different”.

Get Unstuck for just $49 , by clicking here:

~ Getting Unstuck ~

Here’s the thing: there are times when everyone – and I do mean everyone – feels stuck. Anyone who says they don’t is either lying or delusional.

And I’m betting that if you are reading this, you are intimately familiar with feeling stuck – in your business, in your life, or both – maybe even right now this very minute.

Please know that I’ve been where you are. Unfocused, disheartened without a  clue what to try next.

The emergency steps I will share with you on this call are based on my personal experiences getting unstuck as well as the work I’ve done “un-sticking” my clients.

My intention is to give you concrete solutions that, if you actively apply them, will pull you out of the mire and get you moving forward with clarity and purpose.

~ What’s Included ~

– Participation in the live call, complete with hot seats and spot coaching.

– The option of submitting your “stuck challenge” ahead of the call if you can’t make it live.

– Full and uncut 60 minute mp3 recording so you can listen and re-listen when you need it most.

– Full written transcript so you can follow along with the recording and make personal notes for yourself. (The transcript will be delivered via email approximately two weeks after the live call.)

Get Unstuck for just $49 , by clicking here:

Though I will be turning the recording and transcript of this call into a product, I am limiting this original outing of 5 Emergency Steps to just 30 people. It is important to me that I give lots of personal attention and do as much spot coaching as I can.  The number 30 feels most manageable for me to create such an environment.

I hope you will join us!



P.S. Because I will be recording this call for future use, please be sure you are comfortable with that before you register for this tele-class.

Who Is Sarah Robinson?

Sarah Robinson is a seasoned coach and business strategist who is passionate about the idea of escaping mediocrity – both personally and professionally. Her blog, not only journals her personal adventures in breaking free from the stranglehold of mediocrity but also offers insights, tools and a “tribe” for those who feel pulled toward the same adventurous life. Her expertise in personal and business change was developed through many years of working with and providing coaching to other entrepreneurs and start-up non-profits, where she honed her ability to “turn around” thousands of struggling individuals and organizations.