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5 Reasons Doing a Guest Blog Series is Awesome for Your Big Idea


Wow that was fun! People always ask me if doing a month-long guest series is worth all the time and energy it requires of me. After just completing my fourth one, I can tell you that YES! it is totally worth it!!

In fact, one of the things I encourage each of my private clients to do is put together their own guest blog series. It’s not because I want them to be like me, it’s because there are hard business objectives that a blog series can accomplish for you. Here are my top 5:

1) By choosing the right theme for your series (I highly recommend choosing your Big Idea), you can carve out expert space for yourself and be seen as a leader in that field. For example, I chose Building Fierce Loyalty as my theme this time around because I want my name associated with that idea. It was an excellent lead up to launching my Fierce Loyalty site.

2) You get to partner with peers and influencers who can help you spread the word. No one is going to send out a stand alone email to their list about writing for your series. Most, however, will use their social media channels on the day they post to your series. Both the influencers and their audiences will start connecting your name to your Big Idea.

3) Your tribe, community – whatever you call it – will connect you with the Big Idea behind your theme. The more people who connect your name to your big Idea the better. And it gives you room to expand on your Big Idea with your tribe listening.

4) Done correctly, traffic, SEO, Google searches, etc., will all go up, meaning that even more people see your name and your Big Idea in the same place.

5) (And my VERY favorite) You get to build incredible relationships with your tribe because of the prolonged conversations that are happening around your Big Idea. And to be clear, your tribe includes you subscribers, your commentors, your lurkers, your guest authors, your social media audiences. Reactions, discussions, conversations around your Big Idea will give it layers, nuance, and depth. Plus, building relationships is just a really awesome thing to do. 🙂

So there you go. Five reasons doing a guest blog series is awesome for your Big Idea. And just so you know, every participant at my Live Entrepreneur Expedition gets my Blog PowerUp Playbook that walks you through EXACTLY how to do a guest blog series. Read about the Expedition here and the Playbook here.

Now, what are some other ways to spread your Big Idea?

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