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8/26 Psychological Damage in the School Lunch Line


My son does not know his lunch number.  This is the six digit number that all students – including brand new kindergartners – must memorize to give to the Lunch Ladies at the check out station.  He does not know his.  Granted he was out sick most of last week so he missed several days of practice.  But his teacher just emailed me that he needed to work on it at home.

Which promptly set off every “Inferior Mom” bell and whistle I could possibly invent in my head.  And gave me immediate visions of my son standing at the checkout counter, unable to give his number, not being allowed to buy his lunch – and enduring everyone staring at him.  Yep, my brain is a very scary place sometimes. 

Will he suffer permanent psychological damage because I did not help him learn it fast enough?  Will he be sitting in his therapist’s office tracing all of his life troubles to the fact that “My mother did not teach me my lunch number as fast as the other moms taught their children”?  Will the Mom Police swoop down on me the next time I show my face at school?

Yes I know this is fear-based, unrealistic thinking.  Doesn’t matter.  My son is out loose in the world and I am not there to shield him and I want everything to be e-a-s-y for him – even though I know it won’t be and it would not serve him even if it were.  Still…..

But, the Maverick Mom will rally.  We will do lunch number drills tonight.  We will say it as we walk to school tomorrow.  We will master the power of the lunch number!

So glad I’m not insecure like “other” moms:)


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