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8/29 Maverick Luxury – For Less Than $50!


I am living in the lap of luxury.  Someone is in my house, cleaning out my refrigerator, cleaning out under my kitchen sink – and when she is done with that – she is going to run errands for me.  I feel like a maverick queen.  And the price tag for all of the decadence is a mere $12 an hour.  She will be here for 4 hours – so that means $48 buck buys me sanity, time and the priceless benefit of feeling like someone else is taking care of me for a change.

Now, you may be thinking that you could not find someone like the angel who is in my house as we speak.  I respectfully beg to differ.  My angel is a college student who is putting herself through school.  I am flexible about when she comes to my house (we work around her class schedule) and she is flexible about what tasks she does for me.  She has decided that she is basically my personal assistant and is game to help me with most anything.  Even my dog loves her.

So, I invite you to check out a local college – or even a high school – and see if you can find some help with those tasks that you don’t want to do – and that get in the way of living the maverick life.

Luxury does not have to be expensive.  It just has to feel like luxury:)


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