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A Musician’s Take on Connection and Community [Day 9 – 28 Days to BFL]


This is Day 9 of 28 Days of Building Fierce Loyalty. Yesterday, the lovely and insightful Britt Michaelian shifted our language from “me” to “we”. Today, my dear friend, advisor to today’s best-selling business authors, and professionally trained musician, Elizabeth Marshall, turns her musician’s lens on the ideas of connection and community.

A Musician’s Take on Connection and Community

By: Elizabeth Marshall| @LizMarshall

We live in an increasingly fragmented and disconnected
world. In the midst of this isolation, our potential
followers and clients (including us) are looking for
community and connection.

Which begs the question:

Can we, as entrepreneurs and leaders, truly create the type
of community that our potential followers (and we ourselves)
truly want? Not the superficial version of “community,” but
the type that fosters meaningful and rich relationships.

Is it possible? I believe that it is.

In this video, we’ll explore a few lessons that the world of
music can teach us about community, including how those
lessons directly relate to our ability to build a fiercely
loyal community in and around our work. You have insights
on how you can evaluate your role as “community catalyzer”
and steps you can take to strengthen your community and

I look forward to hearing your comments, questions and


Elizabeth Marshall
Elizabeth Marshall 
is dedicated to helping messengers spread their message and sell their books. She does that through her coaching, teleseminars, and out-of-the-box workshops, like Book Breakthrough NYC.

You can learn more about her by going to



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