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The Ark Project for Heifer International Update


Help Families in Need - Gift ArkWow! Santa must have read my post because he delivered what I really really wanted in a very big way – gifts to fill the Ark!

Gifts came in on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day via change. org and Paypal.  One very generous gift ($500)  plus) came in as a corporate donation (hint hint all you corporations who have the means to make a gift and need a 2008 tax deduction). 

I’ve added it all up and re-arranged some cash so that we get the most animal for the buck. Here is what currently resides on The Ark:

2 Cows (the most expensive animals on The Ark)
2 Goats
2 Trios of Rabbits
2 Beehives
2 Llamas

and one quarter of a sheep.

We’ve spent a total of $1750.

We still need to raise $3250.  What will we buy for that?  Glad you asked cuz I’ll tell you in just a sec.  But first, I want to remind EVERYONE that we are sharing the gift of entrepreneurship and self-sustainability with those who desperately want it. 

$20 will purchase a flock of geese that will help families in China better their nutrition and income through the production of eggs and meet.

$20 will purchase a flock of chicks to help families in Sri Lanka improve nutrition and generate income through the sale of eggs.

$20 will purchase a trio of ducks to help families in Ghana generate income through the sale of eggs and birds

$90 will buy the rest of that sheep to help families in Arizona produce wool.

$120 will buy the other sheep or a pig to enable families in Arkansas attain greater self-reliance.

$250 will buy a water buffalo to help Cambodian families increase rice production through animal draft power.

We also need to buy camels to help Tanzanian families earn income buy transporting agricultural and industrial materials, oxen to pull plows and carts in Uganda, donkeys for animal draft power for farmers in Kenya and guinea pigs to help families in Ecuador add protein to their diets and increase their income.

In the grand scheme of our entrepreneurial challenges, pulling carts and eating well really don’t show up on our radar, do they?  This project has humbled me and stopped my biz complaining dead in it’s tracks.   After all, when I look at this list, what could I possibly have to complain about?

We have just a few more days until the January 1 2009 deadline.  I hope that after reading the descriptions above you can see what a big difference we can make by putting together this Ark. If entrepreneurs can’t share the gift of entrepreneurship, who can?

Small gifts will add up to something big – $5, $10, $20 will all put life-changing animals on that Ark.  So please Play Big with me here and let’s finish loading up those animals!!!

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