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The Awesome Power of Social Media



Yesterday was an amazing day for me in the world of social media. A perfect storm, actually. Let me give you the replay:

1) I was a closing keynote speaker for the AWESOME Leesa Barnes and her Social Media Telesummit. I shared strategies and tips for laying out a social media plan that does not include overwhelm. Learned all my best material watching the Rock Stars I admire. And that event alone was enough to absolutely make my day.

But, it gets better.

2) Before I spoke, I was doing my twitter thing and tweeted out something about my Tweetdeck frustrations around creating Groups. One of my followers, Levi Wardell @trontastic,¬†piped up and asked if the twitterverse could name my groups. I laughed and said he could be in charge of it – NEVER IMAGINING HE WOULD ACTUALLY DO IT. The next thing I know, he’d put together an entire contest and invited all of twitter to compete to name my tweetdeck groups. You can see the trouble he took on my behalf here:

And he didn’t stop there. He started tweeting, retweeting, asking his friends (who didn’t know me from adam’s house cat) to tweet and even pulled in a few favors – all on my behalf.

I shared this story in my presentation yesterday and I share it with you now to illustrate one of the most important qualities of any Social Media Rock Star: Generosity. Levi’s got generosity down, don’t you think?

3) Tons more Generosity started showing up as new friends started retweeting about the contest – (and my love for bacon which is a story for another post). Even Perry Belcher himself was kind enough to jump in and play.

And today, Saturday, I am still lucky enough to be on the receiving end of even more kindness and generosity than I knew existed in the world.

What is my point? It certainly isn’t to brag – cuz none of this is about me at all. It’s about the people who make social media as powerful as it is. It’s about those who “get” that it isn’t so much about accumulating a ton of friends and followers (though that is kind of fun), it’s more about building relationships based on trust, generosity and being interestED in helping others.

Still getting my brain wrapped around how it all came together all in the same day. Truly truly, the awesome power that is social media is made up of the power of each citizen of that world who looks to serve and help others.

My goal now is to try to pay back some of what I’m getting. Don’t think I’ll ever pay down the debt. And you know what? It wouldn’t be any fun if I did.:)

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