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Building Fierce Loyalty: It’s Not about You [Day 8 – 28 Days to BFL]


This is Day 8 of 28 Days of Building Fierce Loyalty. Yesterday, the wise and savvy Jeffrey Summers challenged us to create a more social experience for our community and dished out a TON of expertise in the comments. Today, the lovely and brilliant Britt Michaelian shares her super secret sauce for building her fiercely loyal tribe.

Building Fierce Loyalty: It’s Not about You

By: Britt Michaelian| @MamaBritt



Living your truth.

Building your tribe…

It seems like every year there is a buzz word or phrase that you hear everyone using. These buzz words are usually popular because they are incredibly important during specific times. They are a piece of history and right now, the word community is a HOT topic, especially if your community is fiercely loyal.

In this quick video, you will find out one of the MOST important (according to moi) aspects of building loyalty in your community. It doesn’t have to do so much with you actually, but it does have to do with how you act. Confused? Exactly why you need to watch the video and then leave your comments so we can discuss! 😉

About the Author:


Britt Michaelian, MA (also known as @MamaBritt) is a community builder, artist, author, radio show host, Founder of Work Smart Lifestyle and Co-Founder of Girlfriends Productions. She is currently involved in working with her business partner and 20th Television to build the first ever Social Television community “Friends of Ricki” for the Ricki Lake Show.



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