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Building Meaningful Online Relationships
(that support your meaningful work)

With my tiny munchkin snacking on Cheerios, I pull up in front of a downtown hotel early one August morning. Out walks Chris Brogan and we all go to coffee. Just one year ago, I would never have imagined this kind of scenario happening to me.

See, this time last year, I’d just started this blog called Escaping Mediocrity and I really had no idea whether it would be interesting to anyone, much less successful. I had a few friends who constantly encouraged me to keep going, so I did, in spite of a continuous plague of fear and doubt.

Then this really awesome stuff started happening.

Coffee with Chris Brogan.

Ranking No. 47 on Dun & Bradstreet’s list of the Most Influential Small Business Experts on Twitter

Listed in Forbes Magazine’s Top 25 Most Influential Women Tweeting about Entrepreneurship.

An article of mine published by Paulo Coelho on his blog.

A wildly successful live event.

Coffee – and dinner – with Chris Guillebeau.

A “call anytime” relationship with Les McKeown.

MC’ing Janet Goldstein‘s and Elizabeth Marshall’s live event.

Curating a phenomenal TEDx event in the wake of the devastating Alabama tornadoes.

Applying for and being selected as part of Seth’s Godin’s Domino Project Street Team.

Hopping on Skype with Reese Spykerman to work on an amazing dream project.

Sitting on a panel with Elizabeth Marshall, Michael Port, Andrea J. Lee, and Marie Forleo.

Selling out my Summer Mastermind Program in less that TWO weeks.

Selling out my Entrepreneur Expedition in less than THREE weeks.

Hosting and curating a month-long guest blog series that created an incredible community and generated hundreds and hundreds of comments – sometimes in a single day.

All since August, 2010.

Do I have some magic bean? No. But I do think I might have some magic wuffa dust and I’d like to share it with you. 🙂

Wuffa Dust

The magic wuffa dust is actually quite simple really – though there is a ton of bad advice out there about how to properly use it to do more of your meaningful work.

The magic wuffa dust is Relationships.

Now, I know what you are thinking:

“Yeah yeah yeah. We all know we are supposed to be building relationships. I already talk to a ton of people on twitter and facebook. What I don’t know is how to move them beyond tweets and updates.”

Yep. Been there. Done that. Sitting on Twitter or Facebook hoping I could get the attention of people who could really help me and engage them in a REAL conversation.

Here’s the thing though. Hope is not a strategy.

Knowing the how, when and why of effective relationship engagement, however, is a strategy.

And that’s what I know how to do . That’s how all the incredible things I told you about at the top of the page actually came to be.

I’ve helped my private clients hone their relationships skills that are yielding huge dividends in their businesses. And that can happen for you, too. Not magically. Not over-night. Not with the push of a button. But it can happen.


So, before I go into all the details of this course, I’d like to go ahead and cover Who Should Not Sign Up For This.

==> If you are only concerned about what you can get other people to do for you, you’ll hate this.

==> If you think you can find all there is to know about building and growing relationships that begin online into lasting business and professional friendships by doing a Google search and reading free articles, you’ll hate this.

==> If your primary focus is (in spite of what you SAY) is making a ton of money and building your Klout score, yeah…you’ll hate this.

==> If you think that you already have all the online connections you need and you already know how to breathe life into them so that they support the meaningful work you are up to, well, you really don’t need this course.

So, if you are still here, I’m guessing you’d like to know more about what we might get up to in BMOR, yes?! Excellent. I’m dying to share!

What it’s about:

Building powerful, meaningful connections online that will help you do more and better meaningful work that will impact your bottom line.

Who should buy this:
Anyone who spends time online connecting with others, anyone interested in learning how to take those connections and turn them into real, living, breathing, two-way relationships, and anyone who believes the power of relationships is the true key to success.

Who Should Not Buy This:
(I know. I covered this, but this is a much nicer version.) Experts who already have a thriving tribe that helps spread the impact of their meaningful work, anyone who believes you can manipulate relationships for personal/professional gain, anyone who is happy with their ability to take online connections to the next level, anyone not willing to be generous to a fault.

What’s Included:

People often ask me how it is that I have such real, grounded relationships with people I first met online. Relationships that:

==> Bring new, hot, best-selling authors and experts to my now (in)famous month-long blog series (they pitch ME!)

==> Foster the growth of a tribe who engage on my blog at a level unseen in most of the blogosphere (300 comments on a single post on a teeny blog like mine is pretty kickass)

==> Allow me to have awesome, supportive conversations with experts I once simply admired from afar (and many of them are now colleagues and joint venture partners, too!)

==> Ultimately have an impact on my bottom line.

==> And so much more!

The greatest benefit of engaging in these kinds of relationships is that it helps me do more and better meaningful work and I get to support others as they do the same. When you’re surrounded by relationships like these, you’ll experience personal and professional growth on an exponential level.

So….just to be clear, here’s what I WON’T be teaching:

==> How to buy followers on twitter. (You’d be astonished at the number of “social media gurus” who’ve done this and teach this. I think it is lame-o.)

==> How to “leverage” relationships. Money and other resources are leveraged, not human beings.

==> How to friend/follow hundreds of people a day, hope a percentage of them follow you back and then unfollow all of them seven days later. Yes – this is a Klout score raising tactic some people teach. Lame-o.

==> How to succeed in social media in just minutes a day. #1 – this isn’t a social media course.
#2 – you can’t just use social media for a few minutes a day and expect to building meaningful relationships.

Instead, I will teach you:

==> How to connect in a genuine way with people – even people who have no idea who you are right now.

==> How to build a loyal groups of followers and friends ( I collectively refer to these people as your “tribe”) who value your meaningful work.

==> How to carve out your unique space and actually get heard through all the social media noise.

==> How to create an environment that fosters honest engagement and builds sustainability.

==> How to avoid the typical mistakes and time sucks.

==> How teaming up with your competition will accelerate the growth of your online relationships.

==> And, of course, how all this affects your bottom line.

Buy it now:

A Bottle of Wuffa Dust

Do you know that song, Love Potion Number Nine?! Well this bottle of Wuffa Dust packs the same kind of punch. You need to know the right steps to take and you need to know NOW.

Your Bottle of Wuffa Dust includes:

– My Signature 4 Part Video Series on building relationships online.

Each 15 minute video is crammed with incredibly useful, take-action-now information. In them, I walk you through The Four Pillars of Building Relationships Online. These are the exact pillars I used to build the professional and personal relationships that I love so much.

Because I see implementation as the biggest stumbling block for entrepreneurs, I’ve intentionally kept these videos, short, direct and on-point. You’ll find no “filler” content here.

You also get….

Detailed worksheets for each video that will help you take what you learn and put it into action. Right now. By watching the videos and putting time and energy into the worksheets, you will transform the way you approach online relationships and the power they hold to strengthen your meaningful work.

Price $89


Kind words from people I’ve helped: 

While the Wuffa Dust is truly magic, the greatest takeaways from Building Meaningful Relationships are simple and practical action steps that can be incorporated immediately, whether your business is online or not (as in my case). From branded tweets to building collaborative, meaningful and profitable relationships, Sarah covers a lot of material in a very simple, easy to follow format that didn’t take hours and hours of work, and yielded lots of “aha’s!” The value of Building Meaningful Online Relationships exceeds the modest price tenfold. I highly recommend you grab that bottle of Wuffa Dust today!
~Lori Paquette

 As I worked through the concepts of the BMOR program, I realized I have a lot to say and that I was holding myself back, making simple communication so much harder than it needed to be. The retweets and responses to my branded tweets are helping me clarify the topics my audience loves and giving me a quick way to amplify my reach. I’ll revisit the worksheets that come with this video series to stay on track and refine my relationship building skills as my business evolves.
Christie Halmick


When it comes to social media – Sarah is by far the best in teaching people how to truly build meaningful (and profitable!) relationships online.  I was so impressed with her work that I actually hired her to privately train my entire team.  They’ve been rocking it online and focusing on creating key connections ever since. ~Chelsea Moser –

Sarah is not only a great role model, she has talked me through the process of building solid online relationships that have helped me to  grow my business.  I’ve learned to use Twitter to get on the radar of A -List bloggers in a non sketchy way, and then to develop my relationships with them to the point where I had the nerve to ask them to do a project with me. I  even had one of them ask me to do a big event for him – which I rocked. ~Judi Knight –

Stop sitting on the sidelines, hoping the “right” people will notice you!

Building Meaningful Relationships Online is your Rosetta Stone for creating the kinds of mutually supportive relationships that will further your Meaningful Work. Easily and effortlessly connect with others online in a genuine, real and effective way.

Grab Your Bottle of Wuffa Dust – $89

You’ll receive access instructions for Video Number One in the series upon payment completion.

P.S. Life and business is just so much easier when we are engaged in meaningful, supportive relationships. Isn’t it time to experience the power these kinds of relationships can bring to you meaningful work?  Sign up for BMOR NOW!