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If You Want to Capture Someone's Attention, Whisper


Lately I’ve been reading a lot of parenting books. My current one is 10 Days to a Less Defiant Child by Jeffrey Bernstein, PhD.

Big surprise that The Maverick Mom would have a “defiant child”, right?!

At any rate, in a chapter titled “Sidestepping the Yelling Trap” he talks about “using focused whispering in place of yelling.” I’ve actually tried it mid-temper tantrum and the results are surprising. My son actually HEARS me. He may be yelling, but rather than trying to out-yell, I calmly approach, make eye contact, and firmly, lovingly whisper my request and walk away. It’s a beautiful thing.

Because my mind works this way (sadly), I started thinking about all the noise and “yelling” that goes on in social media and internet marketing. Everyone trying to be heard is causing lots and lots of racket and the din is getting louder and louder.

Would it be possible to counter all that noise with a whisper? What would an online whisper look like or sound like? Can you whisper a tweet or a facebook update?

I don’t really know the answer and would love to hear the thoughts of others on this, so please share!

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