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Getting To Know Janet Goldstein

August 18th, 2011

Continuing with my series this week that introduces you to some really awesome friends and experts who will be joining me for Creating Irresistible PresenceΒ (CIP) in Atlanta at the end of September.

Yesterday, you met CIP alum, Brandon Sutton. Today, you get to meet CIP newbie AND awesome expert speaker, Janet Goldstein.

Janet is bringing her incredible smarts in the world of publishing and her passion for developing ideas and stories into messages that matter to the Hooligan Tribe.

Her video will give you taste of ALL the reasons I love her. πŸ™‚


Learn more about my Creating Irresistible Presence event here:

Getting to Know Elizabeth Marshall

August 16th, 2011

This is my guest video series introducing you to some of the amazing experts who are presenting at my upcoming live event, Creating Irresistible Presence.

Yesterday, I introduced you to Guest Expert Les McKeown who is awesome. πŸ™‚

Today, I’d like you to get to know my friend and incredible breakthrough message expert, Elizabeth Marshall. Β She REALLY knows her stuff (she’s worked with tons of best-selling authors including Seth Godin), so take a few minutes and soak up her knowledge. πŸ™‚

Learn more about my Creating Irresistible Presence event here:

Getting to Know Les McKeown

August 15th, 2011

This week on Escaping Mediocrity, I am hosting a Guest Video series featuring the guest speakers who are presenting at my live event in September.

These videos aren’t sales pitches (I really hope you know me better than that by now) but more of an opportunity to get to know the people I’ve personally invited to be a part of my event.

The first person I’d like you to meet is Les McKeown. Aside from being wickedly funny, Les is the USAToday and Wall Street Journal best-selling author of Predictable Success. His in-depth knowledge on what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur is highly sought after by top-rated companies all over the world.

I’m excited for you to get to know him. His killer accent alone makes this worth watching. πŸ™‚


Learn more about my Creating Irresistible Presence event here:

My Live Event – Creating Irresistible Presence

January 20th, 2011

Dana Reeves, who attended Creating Irresistible Presence 2010, made this video. I am honored and touched by it. And no, I didn’t write any of it.

If you want to know what my event was like and will be like in September, here you go! (And if you want first dibs on the 50 available seats, I’ll be giving folks on my newsletter list the link on Sunday!

Updated 1-25-11:
Registration for Creating Irresistible Presence 2011 is now open – reserve your seat today!

Check out all the details and reserve your spot at Creating Irresistible Presence 2011!