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Mompreneur Defined

January 14th, 2009

This is probably one of the best, most succinct definitions of who we are that I’ve ever seen!

New York Post: “Leave it to Manhattan moms to milk motherhood for profits. Call them ‘mompreneurs’ -a new breed of educated career women who give up high-powered jobs to stay at home, raise kids – and still turn a profit.”

Though as we all know – we span the globe, not just the island of Manhatten.:)

The "I Am" Movie

November 18th, 2008

Sorry this is posted late.  My family and I are on vacation and I am committed to being 100% present with them while they are awake. 🙂

The movie below is one that I made by myself (forgive the rough edges) for an entirely different project I was working on.  Yesterday I got to thinkin’ that  Maverick Moms might enjoy it too since it is about being perceived as one thing when you know you are much much more.

Enjoy!  Tomorrow I will try to post some photos from the amazingly remote and relaxing place I am spending the next two weeks.  Lucky for me it will give me the re-charge I need to fully step into being The Maverick Mom!

Playing Small Serves None of Us

November 17th, 2008

As most of you know, I’ve just returned from Ali Brown’s Online Success Blueprint.  My expectations for this event were high – I signed up last February and counted the days until it was time to go.  My friends Alicia Forest – and Elizabeth Marshall – were going and I knew that spending time with them was going to mean big things for this new venture of mine. 

I just didn’t realize how big.

If you scorll though the posts here, it won’t take you very long to figure out that I’ve really been struggling with the laser-focus of this blog.  Because Andrea Lee  – – taught me long ago not to let the little things stop me, I just kept designing and writing hoping that the clarity would come.

I arrived in LA with some vague notion that this blog could be a fun hip place for moms like me to hang out and talk about interesting things – not exactly compelling.  After listening to Ali and going around and around and around with Alicia and Liz, I realized it was meant tome something much much bigger – though I still wasn’t clear exactly what.

The God put Kendall Summerhawk – – in a seat next to me.  It seems that between my two friends, they knew everyone in the room – lucky me!  Kendall was not only affirming of me and the size of what I wanted to do, she asked me two or three questions that led to the ultimate answer for The Maverick Mom.  And it is much much MUCH bigger than anything I was thinking of.

This will serve as a gathering place for moms who are tired of being judged as bad moms because we want a successful business and as bad business women because we want to be successful moms.  And, it will still be fun and hip, too.:)

Tomorrow I am going to post a movie that I thought I made for a completely different thing.  Clearly the Universe was way ahead of me because I made it just for this.

I keep repeating “Playing small serves none of us.  Playing small serves none of us.  Playing small serves none of us.” 

I just can’t wait to get this thing going and I invite you to join me in Playing Bigger Than You Imagined!!!

Not Your Mother's Blog

August 21st, 2008

The Maverick Mom


n. One that refuses to abide by the dictates of or resists adherence to a group; a dissenter.

adj. Being independent in thought and action or exhibiting such independence.

Well that would be me and I am fairly certain I can’t be the only one! I am starting this blog as a way for other maverick moms to connect, learn and share their maverick ways. My indentity here is simple “M”. My thoughts and opinions may irritate the masses and quite frankly I don’t have time to deal with flaming personal emails, phone calls and, god forbid, visits to my house. You are welcome to adopt your very own Maverick Name while you are here as well.

Now, how do you know you are a Maverick Mom? I’ve been giving that a good bit of thought and this is what I’ve come up with so far ( I would love your additional thoughts!):

You are a Maverick Mom if:

You do not hover over your child at the playground or the swimming pool, certain that the other children are always in the wrong

You also do not abandon your child on the playground or the swimming pool to be supervised by other mothers while you chat away on your cell phone.

You are not obsessed with the genius level of your child.

You participate in your child’s education by reading stories, choosing educational games and helping (helping, I said, not doing) with homework. Unless you have very strong evidence to the contrary, you stand behind your child’s teacher – period.

You pay attention to what your child eats (limiting that fast food), but you do not make everything from scratch or control every morsel he or she eats. Unless, of course, there is special medical reason that requires such vigilance.

You do not find it necessary to go to the grocery store in status symbol togs like a tennis skirt or designer capris with Jimmy Choos. Nor do you go in your house slippers. Maverick Moms are all about self respect.

You are interesting (because you live an interesting life) and interested in others (because you are always anxious to learn about others).

You would rather bake brownies and watch a movie with your kids than go to that “see and be seen” cocktail party. (Sometimes Maverick Moms do attend such gatherings, dressed appropriately and able to carry their end of any conversation. Hostesses are always glad when a Maverick Mom graces her party with an appearance because the party will be interesting, lively and in good taste.)

By the same token, you have a life that is not centered on your children. You may have a career or volunteer work that is meaningful to you. You have friends, you read books.

You love creativity – even if that means covering the kitchen table in glue and glitter to make Christmas ornaments.

You know that perfection is highly overrated.

You know that your job is to give your child as little to talk about in therapy as humanly possible.

Anyone have any other ideas?

And hey – you may be an aspiring Maverick Mom and that is okay, too. We’ll all figure out how to stand apart from the sheep together, okay?