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Why I Think Trust Agents is The BOMB!

September 2nd, 2009

I’ve decided to bite the bullet and add more video to my blog!

In today’s video, I talk about my new favorite book, Trust Agents, by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. Yes, it is as good as you keep hearing it is (that is, IF you haven’t read it. If you have read it, you already know that.)

It’s my most recent pick for the Escaping Mediocrity Bookshelf. Watch my video below to find out why. 🙂

Escaping Mediocrity Recommended Reading: F2 The Firefly Manifesto REMIXED

August 19th, 2009

So if you’ve been following along recently on my business and my life, you are up to speed on the fact that I am “walking the grid”, recovering from a major setback. (If you haven’t been following along, you can quickly catch up by reading Failing Sucks and Cake.)

fireflyOne major part of my Grid is reading  things that inspire me and make me feel better – smart, capable, hopeful, etc. So when I was watching my tweetstream the other day, I lunged at Jonathan Fields’  link to his newly released F2 Firefly Manifesto: Remixed. I read Jonathan’s blog, Awake At The Wheel,  regularly so I knew whatever he had written would be fantastic.  I just wasn’t prepared for HOW fantastic.

If you are desperate to escape professional (and personal for that matter) mediocrity and think it is impossible in today’s economy, sprint HERE and download this manifesto NOW (and don’t bother continuing your reading here – you can come back).

Still here? Ok – I’ll tell you why I like it so much and why it is Oh-So-UN-Mediocre.

1) It’s not full of links selling stuff. Nothing irritates me more than reading free documents that HINT at solutions – but to actually get them, you have to buy this ebook or that coaching program. The ideas and solutions Jonathan offers are right there, in the manifesto. And if you want further reading you can go to his blog or read his book.

2)It is practical and actionable. Sometimes I see manifestos that are long on theory and short on action steps I can take right now. Jonathan’s manifesto gives readers TONS of ideas and “Nine Renegade Actions To Take Today.”  My favorite is “Choose Your Renegade Path” where he says “With rare exception, making a great living doing what you love isn’t a matter of ‘if’ anymore, it’s a matter of ‘how’. Yes, even in this economy. “

3) It doesn’t ignore the reality of our current economic climate. I have grown so weary of the words “recession proof” and of hearing some gurus say that our mindset is all it takes to steer clear of the impact of today’s unstable marketplace. Jonathan does not pussyfoot around about what is REALLY happening – businesses are closing, people are losing jobs and new jobs just aren’t plentiful. And then —- he offers hope in the face of this reality.

Here is the definition of success Jonathan invites all of us to try on for size:

Will this career choice allow me to:

-Spend the greatest amount of time

-Absorbed in activities and relationships that fill me up

-While surrounding myself with people I cannot get enough of, and

-Earning enough to live comfortably in the world.

Jonathan not only believes that this is possible – he knows HOW to make it possible.  So, if you haven’t yet, go HERE and download your free copy of F2 The Firefly Manifesto: REMIXED. And, as always, I really want to know what you think about it, so comeback and tell me, ok?!!

My Top 5 Book List

May 19th, 2009

I am a voracious reader. Comes with the territory when your motBooks by Faeryan.her is an English teacher and an annual family tradition is swapping reading lists. (And yes, we try to impress each other with our lists!).

Books influence me. They stick with me. And I re-read good ones over and over again until the spines break and pages start to fall out. My family will tell you that when I am engrossed in a book, Armageddon could be happening all around me and I would be oblivious to it. That’s how much I put into reading!

I am often asked for reading suggestions or about what books inflenced me the most. So I thought I would share my list of the books that have fundamentally shaped the person I am today:

1) The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.
Doesn’t matter whether you think you are creative or not. We all have a creative spark and Julia (whom I’ve met in person) does an amazing job at helping everyone uncover their unique creativity. I’ve had to replace this book twice because I wore my copies out.

2) The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
Don’t let the short length of this book mislead you on it’s power. It is a masterfully crafted parable about finding one’s Personal Legend, facing adversity, having the universe conspire on your behalf and the power of perseverance. I even have the CD version and Jeremy Irons reads the beautiful language to me when I need extra TLC for my dreams.

3) Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.
The only novel I know of where entrepreneurs are the heroes. I know it’s long. But I’ve read it at least ten times and the whole thing is practically one big underline because the writing is so powerful.

4) Tie: Finding Your Own North Star & Steering By Starlight by
Martha Beck.
At one time in my life, I was a self-help book junkie. I owned a ton of them. Read them all. And they all left me lacking (well except for The Artist’s Way). UNTIL I read Finding Your Own North Star. This book lead to my meeting and working with Martha Beck (she writes a column for Oprah magazine) and eventually being personally trained by her as a coach. 

Her follow up, Steering By Starlight is just as powerful – if not more so. These are the first books I recommend to clients who are struggling to discover what they want and who they want to be.

So, there you have it. The five books I return to over and over again. When I feel unclear or a little shaky or just need to get myself regrounded, the words contained in these books always deliver the boost I need.

What books would you add?

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Andrea Lee's 'Multiple Streams' Book is FREE!

December 4th, 2008

Gotta tell ya – I can remember sitting at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans 3 1/2 years ago munching on beignets (powdered sugar is STILL in the pages) as I devoured the pages of this book.  Jotting notes all in the margins, formulating execution plans – it literally changed the course of my business.  As one of my coaching friends said, “It’s like the Rosetta Stone to building a PROFITABLE coaching practice.” 

Since then, I’ve had the good fortune of meeting Andrea and adding her to my list of mentors.  She is on my short list of very very VERY favorite people in the whole wide world (and I hope she reads that!).

She’s put her book, Multiple Streams of Coaching Income, up on her site for FREE until December 9. 

In it you will learn how to master the art of creating revenue streams for your business that 1) do not require lots and lots of blood sweat and tears and 2) eliminate trading time for $$$.  Sound good?  Thought so!

So, dash on over to and grab your copy while you can!