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Creating connections


“Be the change you want to see.”

That is one of my favorite sayings in the whole world. And it has echoed in my head over and over again since returning from SXSWi.  Lots and lots of people who attended made the same observations that I have here: there is a dirth of opportunities for meaningful connection and engagement.

And I don’t think that is limited to mega-events like SXSWi. I think that people everywhere – especially those attracted to social media – feel a deep yearning for not only connection, but for community.

Together we’ve built a pretty amazing community here at Escaping Mediocrity and I am so proud to be a card carrying member of this tribe.

But I feel pulled to do more. To help others connect with each other so they can form meaningful relationships independent of me or this blog.

So….I am going to spend some time on twitter and in my email – and (gulp) maybe even on facebook, making one-to-one introductions. Myabe it’s my southern upbringing, but I get particular joy from helping two people find each other who might have some interesting things to talk about.

So, that’s it. That is today’s post. I am going out there and doing something to fill the void I see.  Want to join me and do the same?!


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