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Creating Magic & Mojo Part 1


After reading my friend Tom Morris’s post at Huffington Post today about the Death and Re-birth of Responsibility, I’ve decided to re-engage with an article series I started long ago on a blog far, far away!

This is a five-part series called Creating Magic and Mojo. It isn’t a passive article series – there are actually exercises at the end of each post so that you can start applying and incorporating Magic and Mojointo your life and business – right now.

So, I encourage you to be one of the handful who will actually take action during this series. Do the exercises. Learn. Grow. That is where Magic & Mojo begin!

You Are Responsible For Your Life

Now I know this sounds painfully obvious, but I know lots and lots of grown-ups who refuse to take responsibility for themselves.  When asked why their lives are not what they want them to be, they will reply… “Oh, it’s my parents fault because….” Or “My ex-wife expects me to….” Or “My boss will think I am a loser if I don’t…”. 

While I understand other people have expectations of how we should be running our lives, they are not in charge of what we choose to do.  This responsibility lies squarely on our own shoulders – and a huge responsibility it is!  Otherwise we would not put so much time and energy into trying to hand it off to someone else, where it doesn’t belong.

What you do by embracing the idea that you are responsible is recognize that giving away the responsibility for your own life (read blame), leaves you feeling powerless and stuck.  Accepting responsibility gives you the power you need to move forward.

For me, this whole concept is both frightening and liberating.  Frightening because it gives me access to more choices that I ever thought I had – and choices equal power; liberating because suddenly I can pursue any life, dream, career, relationship that I choose to pursue.

If there is something, someone, some career, some place to live, etc. that you really, really want – you are the only one who can get it for yourself.  And – this is the tough part – no one can prevent you from pursuing it unless you let them.

The first step toward transforming yourself, your work, your relationships and your life starts with Accepting Responsibility for Your Own Life.


1. List 5 people preventing you from pursuing what you want.

2. What is it exactly they are keeping you from pursuing?

3. Now, using the list you just wrote out above, rewrite each item and take responsibility for wanting it:

I want ____________________________________________.

I want ____________________________________________.

I want ____________________________________________.

Congratulations for taking responsibility for what you want in your life!

4. Now, for the sake of this exercise, let’s say the whole universe wanted you to have everything on your list. Pick one (and only one) item on the list that makes your heart leap. What single, simple step could you could take toward getting it (examples: look up a phone number, go to the library and check out book, Google it, etc.)?

5. Can you take this small step today or this week?  Do It! 

Great Work!  In the next lesson, we’ll take a look at another critical piece of the Responsibility Puzzle -it eludes some of the smartest people I know!

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