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Creatures of Habit


I like being comfortable. Which means I like my habits. Even when they don’t serve me.

See, changing up a routine, doing things differently, trying something new and bold – that stuff requires a certain level of discomfort and a certain level of extra effort.

Because I am human, I want to take the easy path. That desire is programmed into my DNA.

Fortunately I am not an amoeba and am not at the mercy of my pre-programmed DNA (well – most of the time anyway.).

I can think and feel and make (drumroll for the frontal lobe’s’ evolution!) CHOICES.

I can step outside myself and say “Hey look – there you are doing the same old same old again. Isn’t that interesting.”

Or “Are you done with the same old same old yet? Cuz I sure am!”

Or “Hey why don’t we shake things up and try cooking Asian tonight?”

You get the idea.

The only way I’m going to move ahead on this escaping mediocrity path I chosen is to make different choices and create new habits.


Sure it’s scary as h-e-double-toothpicks.

But the idea of staying where I am, doing the same old same old – THAT is really scary to me.

So, I screw up my courage and do new things. Go new places. Ask different people for help.

And soon – being daring and bold becomes a habit. And it’s a habit I think I’ll keep. 🙂

If you want to break out of your same-old, same-old habits that are holding you and your business back, I HIGHLY encourage you to check out my live event Creating Irresistible Presence. You’ll come away with a whole pack of awesome new habits that will propel you forward into the kind of success you are after.

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