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30 Days to Creating Irresistible Presence ~ Let's GO! [Day 1 – 30 Days]


Yay!! Today is the day we kick off 30 Days to Creating Irresistible Presence and I am BEYOND excited!!

Que theme music: Simply Irresistible by Robert Palmer (hey – I’m an 80’s girl!)

As I did for my last 30 Day Series, I want to use today to do some prep work that will help us all make the most of this experience. Remember, I’ve read most of the posts that are coming your way so I know what is in store for us. :-)

And yes – this will look very familiar to you alums of 30 Days to Changing Your Game.

Here is the most significant thing I can say (and I believe those of you who went through 30 Days to Changing Your Game will agree):

Over the next 30 days we will be creating new habits and new ways of thinking. At first, it may feel unfamiliar and awkward – and that’s ok. Change can feel like that. Other times it may feel frightening and disorienting – and that’s okay. Change can feel like that. And still other times it may feel  liberating and freeing – and that’s ok. Change can feel like that, too.

“Luck is where opportunity meets preparation.” Denzel Washington

The seven keys below will anchor us in the coming days (and even when this series is over) and will truly make all the difference. So, here we go.

1) Commit. Show up here ever Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next 30 days. If you are serious about creating irresistible presence, you’ve got to step up. I know you are busy. So am I. But I’ve learned that if I want to be powerful when I step onto that stage, I’ve got to be willing to do whatever it takes. So today, decide.

2) Get a notebook or a legal pad that is dedicated to this 30 day series. You may even want to get a three -ring binder and some loose-leaf paper so you can print out and save each blog post. Every day you will be asked to take a small action toward changing your game. You’ll need some space to write down your thoughts and your responses. This may be the very excuse you need to finally buy a Moleskin. :-)

3) Ask questions. Each blog post author is available on the day of their post to respond to comments and answer questions. Take advantage of having access to this extraordinary group of men and women. And remember, the only stupid question is the one that remains unasked.

4) Connect with each other. Many of you recruited a partner for 30 Days -which is AWESOME!! And if you haven’t, it’s not too late to do that, but you will be fine if you haven’t. The culture here at Escaping Mediocrity is one of a tribe. We learn from and lean on each other.

To that end, connect with those you may not know. Respond to an interesting comment. Ask the commentor a question.  Together we are powerful. (And here is one of my few ground rules: this is a supportive environment. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If you get personal or overly snarky, I will call you out and ban you. End of story.)

Twitter is acting funky, but I am building a list of 30 Day CIP Participants. To be sure you are on it, tweet about the series using the hashtag #CIP. You will find that list here:

I am also making a list of the guest bloggers here:

5) Remember that some posts will resonate more strongly with you than others. Many times I’ve found that the thing that I was certain had no value to me was the very thing that turned me around. So play through each day. You never know where it may lead you.

6) Stay the course. Somewhere about mid-way through this thing, people will start dropping off. It’s just what happens. Decide now that you won’t be one of those people. Academy Award winners stay in the game.

7) Go easy on yourself. Yes I know I said decide, commit, step up. And I still mean that. I also know that change can be exhausting and doesn’t come as easily as we would like sometimes. You can’t force it; you can only allow it. And take really good care of your self in the process. :-)

Ya’ll better rest up. Tomorrow the one and only Andrea Lee takes the stage. It’s gonna be epic.

LET”S GO!!!!!!

P.S. If you aren’t already signed up and don’t want to miss out on  30 Days to Creating Irresistible Presence, please sign up here.

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