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She Had Me at "Sh*t"! [Day 11 – 28 Days GYST]


This is Day 11 of 28 Days to Getting Your Sh*t Together.  Yesterday, Chelsea Moser got us all charged up about getting sh*t done! Today, Melissa Stewart closes out Week #2 by sharing great “getting unstuck” advice from some awesome twitter folks. Have your pen and paper ready to jot down the best ones for you right now!

She had me at “Sh*t”!

By: Melissa Stewart | @melissaonline

That was the first thought that came to mind when Sarah asked me to be part of her 28 day blog series. I love Sarah and her authentic, no nonsense (and sometimes snarky) style. When I responded to her request for a bio and link with a panicked tweet about my site not being ready, she promptly shot me a quick DM with “It’s not until February” and in my mind I pictured her rolling her eyes at me. Then and there I decided that I needed to get my sh*t together!

That DM put it all in perspective. I had plenty of time from her vantage point because she is completely unconnected to all my emotional obstacles and personal excuses. She sees it from an outsider’s perspective and knows that 30+ days is more than enough time to have a site up and running. Her viewpoint doesn’t have all my baggage!

Of course, I knew these facts already. After all, one of my all time favorite quotes is:

She generally gave herself very good advice, (though she very seldom followed it)”.

It’s from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll and drives home the point that KNOWING and DOING are two completely different verbs indeed!

So with that little non-emergency out of the way I turned to my post. What to write about? How do we get past our roadblocks (both imagined and real)? How do you get out of your own way and into your possibility? How do we get “unstuck”?

I asked this question to some of my fabulous contacts on Twitter: “Name a powerful action step for getting unstuck”. Let me share my crowdsourced wisdom with you:

Kaira Rouda

Take a step back; I make sure I’m still in touch with my passions. Action without passion often leads to dead ends. @kairarouda

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Shelly Kramer

Get up and go for a walk. Go to the gym. Moving makes ideas flow for me, or, I take a bath! @ShellyKramer

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Alycia Edgar

Change of environment works for me when I’m writing and music as well. Usually means cafe with music, earplugs and lattes! @alyciaedgar

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Julie Zizka

When I’m stuck, feeling frustrated, discouraged or disappointed I always go back to the things that ground me and remind me that ‘this, too, shall pass’. I only focus on what I want, not what I don’t want.

So, I listen to one of my favorite, extremely grounding books on tape – The Art of Allowing, by Abraham/Hicks. It’s a bit ‘out there’, but always gets me immediately out of my drama and brings me straight back to faith and hope and a knowing that everything always works out. @TheToteBuddy

Melinda F. Emerson

Whenever I have heavy deadlines that I’m struggling with I do two things. I make a list of just five things I need to do that day. Then, I use my personal theme music to motivate me.  I hit my theme music on YouTube or on the iPod and it always makes me feel better. It gives me what I need to keep moving forward. By the way, Golden by Jill Scott is my personal theme song. @SmallBizLady

Kimberley C. Blaine

To get unstuck, I leave the computer and work out. I detach from all business. Then the answer usually comes… @TheGoToMom

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Erica Ehm

I like to bounce ideas off people I respect. It helps me formulate my thoughts, and then I incorporate their feedback into my limited way of thinking. Collaboration is my creative grease. @YummyMummyClub

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Rieva Lesonsky

If I’ve been avoiding doing something I have to do, I write myself a ton of notes and stickies and put them on both computers. If I’m still “stuck” (and I realize this is how you deal with balky kids) I think of something I want (something small like a Dairy Queen ice cream cone, or going to see a movie, or going to the bookstore) and tell myself if I do this task, I can reward myself with the treat. Essentially I’m bribing myself (hanging head in shame) but it works. The key is we all know what motivates ourselves, and we need to resort to any and every trick to get out of the rut. @Rieva

Britt Michaelian

To get unstuck, take a step back and look at the big picture of what you want in life. Then look at where you’re stuck. Having a map is key! @MamaBritt

So what are you waiting for? I dare you. I double dog dare you to get “unstuck”:

1. In the comments below, name at least one BIG thing you’ve been dragging your feet on that would make a difference over the next year. Pick one goal and its one action that will propel you powerfully forward and BE SPECIFIC!

2. NAME it and give it a DEADLINE publicly.

3. Make it happen. OWN IT!!

By the time my post appears on February 11th: 1. My site will be up and running. and 2. My first book in the Interviews with Success series will be named and in progress with a launch date.

Yes, this public declaration scares the h*ll out of me but I’m walking the talk. I’m “feeling the fear and doing it anyway” AND I’m finally taking my own fabulous advice!

Melissa Stewart is a serial entrepreneur who has had a “home office”  since age 5. She is passionate about entrepreneurship, addicted to coffee and eternally optimistic. Her latest project is a site committed to empowering women entrepreneurs by offering resources, support and inspiration. @melissaonline

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