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The Secret Formula for Irresistible Presence [Day 12 – 30 Days to CIP]


This is Day 12 of 30 Days to Creating Irresistible Presence.  On Friday, Lou Bortone gave us some great ways to build an Irresistible Brand (what we all want, right?!) and some AWESOME action steps for maximizing online video branding. Today, the one and only Chris Guillebeau gives us THE formula (seriously!) for Creating Irresistible Presence. This post alone is worth the price of admission. 🙂

Today’s Song is: Brass In Pocket by The Pretenders: (Chris let me pick – couldn’t help myself!)

The Secret Formula for Irresistible Presence

by Chris Guillebeau (@ChrisGuillebeau)

You’ve probably heard the secret to getting noticed: do something amazing! Do something remarkable! Then the world will be at your door.

Like a lot of general statements, there’s some truth in the be amazing theory. If you’re not doing something worth talking about, most people who don’t already know you won’t really care what you’re up to. The thing is, though, simply being noticed doesn’t take you very far. Celebrities and reality TV participants are noticeable, but we don’t always like them or want to emulate them.

To escape mediocrity and embrace excellence, you’ll want to pursue a higher goal: the goal of creating irresistible presence. To become irresistible, you have to be more than amazing—you have to be generous as well.

Here’s the formula:

Amazing + Generous = Irresistible

Being generous is all about giving. It’s about combining an internal compass with an external focus. You need the internal compass to guide your work. No one else can tell you what you’re about and what you should do. But the internal compass joins with an external focus that has you continually looking around and asking, “How can I make someone else look good? How can I create positive change?”

An external focus means you give more than you take; you reach out more than you bring in. “How can I help you?” is a good starter question to ask people with your external focus, but “Can I help you do x, x, or x?” is even better.

You’ll Never Be Irresistible to Everyone

Welcoming new members of your tribe—but also gently filtering, to make it clear who might be better served elsewhere—will help you cultivate the irresistible presence over time. Hopefully you’ll also wake up excited every day, eager to begin working on meaningful relationships and the craft that you love.

Are you being amazing and generous today?


Chris Guillebeau travels the world and writes for a small army of remarkable people at Follow his live updates from every country in the world at

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