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Telling Me You're Changing the Game is Mediocre at Best [Day 15 – 30 Days to Changing Your Game]


Today is Day 15 of 30 Days to Changing Your Game. We are halfway there – well done!!  Yesterday Sophfronia Scott shared her expertise on how to add writing to our change-of-game plan and today my dear friend Leesa Barnes is going to challenge us to walk our talk. Here we go!

Telling Me You’re Changing the Game is Mediocre at Best

by Leesa Barnes (@LeesaBarnes)

I’ll tell you what gets me (even though you didn’t ask).

When people have to explain why they’re “changing the game.”

I visited someone’s blog the other day and clicked on his “About Me” page. Instead of copy, there was a video. Curious, I pressed the play button and in the first 30-seconds, he explained why he was using a video to share who he is.

He said (and I quote):

“Instead of setting up the typical about me page that you see on most websites with slick marketing copy and PR slogans and stuff like that, I thought I’d record this video and tell you myself why I started this site.”

Really? You have to tell me why you’re trying to be different?

That’s not being authentic. If you have to tell me that you’re being different, it means you’re looking for permission. And if you’re looking for permission to change things around a bit, it means you’re still letting fear strangle your success.

Even I’ve been guilty of this. One of the headlines on one of my sales pages says “I work 4-hours a day and make 6 figures. Join me so I can teach you to do the same.”

Why do I need to tell someone that I can do this for them? Shouldn’t my lifestyle be enough to show that I’m doing this already?

And I recently blogged about the breakthrough I had attending a recent event. That I was going to change the world because I now know my purpose.

Yet, my declaration of change has no meaning unless I do something. As my friend Elizabeth PW says, you’ve got to live your truth. She didn’t say to “say your truth,” she said LIVE it.


  • You shouldn’t have to tell me that you have free time. Just live it.
  • You shouldn’t have to tell me that you are changing the game. Just change it.
  • You shouldn’t have to tell me that you’ve made tons of money on the Internet and now you can take 90-days off per year. And spend it with your family. And go on exotic trips. And ride on a camel with an Osama lookalike on the hump with you. Just do it (and post the pictures on Twitter).

Stop telling me about the change you’re going to do and just get it done already.

Your Action: Take the one thing that you’ve been saying that you plan to do and just do it. Right now. No excuses. Share in the comments area below the action you took. Don’t share why you plan to do. Share what you have done.

Leesa Barnes is President of the Association of Virtual Events Managers, Organizers & Hosts and is a leading authority on using virtual events to become the #1 expert in your niche market.

Nominated as one of the Top 50 Most Influential & Powerful Women in Social Media, Leesa helps independent consultants, entrepreneurs and business owners leverage virtual events and other online tools to boost profits. To learn more about Leesa, visit

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