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The Irresistible Truth [Day 16 – 30 Days to Creating Irresistible Presence]


This is Day 16 of 30 Days to Creating Irresistible Presence.  On Wednesday, Gini Dietrich gave us as fresh spin on The Golden Rule and why it is critical to irresistible presence. four ways to STAND OUT as a messenger/author w/ a powerful message. Today, Jen Louden sends us of into the weekend with a fab post about how being your true self is an essential foundation to your irresistible presence. Delicious!

Today’s Theme Song is Let Your Heart by Known by Steve Gold

The Irresistible Truth

by Jennifer Louden (@JenLouden)

Irresistible presence begins, and grows, by being irresistible to yourself.

The most effective and life changing way to do that?  Belly up to your truth and love what you discover.

By belly up your truth, I mean get intimate with what you know, moment by moment, to be true for you, and be willing to stand by it, sacrifice for it, and accept nothing less than a life lived by it.

And, in the process, love what you discover about yourself.

Because it won’t be all sweetness and accolades. When you live by your truth, you will be challenged daily.

  • Challenged to edit a blog post yet again because something in your body says it’s not quite accurate.
  • Challenged to give up a lucrative gig because of the company’s environmental impact.
  • Challenged to decline an invitation only event because you don’t jib with the other invitee’s work, even though they are all the “cool kids”.
  • Challenged to change your marketing copy because you’re promising more than you can honestly deliver.

But doing that alone won’t make you irresistible. Declining to beat yourself up for wanting to take the easy route with your post or wanting the big paycheck or wanting to hang with the cool kids (finally, I’ll belong!) is what will make you irresistible to yourself.

You put your arm around the parts of you that you would rather never see, let alone love, and you say, “I see you. Isn’t it a gas to be human? What can I do for you today to help you feel safe even as I insist we rewrite the post/give up that big job/decline the invite?

Being authentic is often framed as the ticket to 6 figure launches and endless blog comments. It can be – Andrea’s post is a great example – but if that is why you seek your truth, you will never find it, nor irresistibility, nor contentment. Grasshopper, you must seek because this is the way of your soul, the way of the grown-up, the way to become more fully who you are. Any thing else is gravy and ultimately, none of your business.

Seek to know your truth so you fit in your own skin, so you can find the energy to do good work in the world, so you can look yourself in the eye every night. Seek to live by your truth so that your self-love will be built on deep inclusion and respect, not empty affirmations and shiny vision boards. Seek to share your truth, respectfully, in hopes of bridging gaps and creating understanding.

How can you start today?

Set a timer for 5 minutes and, keeping your hand moving, explore the question: What is hanging on the edge of my consciousness that I’m now ready to be aware of?

When the 5 minutes is up, choose one thing you have written and take one action on it. Maybe you are now aware your nanny is no longer the best fit for your child, and your next action is to call the Waldorf pre-school to learn more about their program. Maybe you are now aware that you aren’t being completely honest with a coaching client, and your next action is to write out what you will share in your next call.  One awareness, one action: that is enough.

Living by your truth makes you irresistible to yourself because you are more at peace, more accepting, far less self-critical; you no longer send out mixed signals and try to be everything to everybody; you refuse to make weak offers or empty promises, most of all to yourself; and because you shine out a grounded, aware, grown up love.

How irresistible is that?

P.S. I know we could debate “What is truth?” and how warped our self-perceptions are until the cows come home – but let’s not. Living by your truth does not make you infallible or right or a saint, but it does make life a whole lot more fun.

Jennifer Louden helps people find the good so they never give up on themselves or each other. A best-selling author of six books, ontologically trained coach, speaker and retreat creator, and her newest project is the Satisfaction Finder.  Her favorite name is Lilly’s mom.


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