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10 Practical Steps For Making Change Stick [Day 17 – 30 Days to Changing Your Game]


This is Day 17 of 30 Days to Changing Your Game. We are in the backstretch now, so everyone hang in there! Yesterday John Haydon helped us see that our passion could intersect with a marketing niche and actually become a business – w00t! Today, my very no-nonsense and super marketing savvy friend Jeffrey Summers gives us what we need to make our change of game actually stick.

10 Practical Steps For Making Change Stick

by Jeffrey Summers (@JeffreySummers)

Change is simple. It’s just not easy. So I have listed here the most critical items you need to address to make sure your change effort will succeed.

1. Decide on the most practical and realistic change(s) that can have the greatest impact in your personal or professional life – right now. These must be personal choices, not chosen for you or influenced by others.

2. Align them with your core values for real impact. The closer you align your change goals with core values and principles the higher degree of commitment you will achieve.

3. Focus on just 2 or 3 goals – not 26. Keep it simple.

4. Map your process. How will the process look on paper and define the desired result(s). What will success look like? Feel like? What will this change accomplish? Allow you to do?

5. Break each goal down into bite sized pieces (daily tasks) and attach a time factor for each contributing action. Daily – weekly – monthly.

6. Tasks need to be prioritized to achieve each aspect of the goal.

7. Reward yourself appropriately for accomplishing each step to reinforce the behavior so that you fulfill the immediate gratification demanded for any effort. Scale the rewards so that they fit the level of accomplishment.

8. Engage a “change coach” to provide support and feedback. This MUST be someone who has successfully gone through the process.

9. Review efforts with change coach daily/weekly to refocus behaviors and tasks and to ensure accountability.

10. Celebrate your achievement. Once you accomplish your goals. Help coach someone else who needs to do what you just did, to reinforce the change in you and to pay it forward.

Key Points

Change is about improvement. You can’t begin with the idea that you are broken and need fixing.

  • Remember that real change is about core behaviors. You don’t have a personal life and a professional life – there is just life. Compartmentalizing your behaviors for the sake of validating existing excuses is not acceptable and always leads to failure.
  • Measurement is critical to understanding how well you are doing, can do and will do in the future.
  • Finding a process that fits your style and attitude that can be replecatable for other areas of your life is invaluable.
  • Surround yourself with supporters of the change effort and eliminate contact with negative influences. You literally need to take an “either you’re with me or against me” attitude.
  • Keep a diary of your efforts so that you can document your story for future inspiration and support.
  • Don’t waste time on things that have no impact or utility for your current change process.
  • Make it fun. If the process isn’t enjoyable, the likelihood for 100% engagement and success is circumspect.
  • It’s not about achieving perfection – it’s about achieving success.
  • Be ready to engage all the necessary resources to accomplish your change goals. If you are not prepared to invest whatever resources are necessary to achieve your  goals, you will not succeed.
  • Remember that you are not alone. Someone, somewhere, has gone through and is going through the same change(s) you are currently undertaking. If you can join a community for support – or even start one – this would be ideal.
  • Don’t compare yourself or your results to others. This is about you and you alone.

Jeffrey Summers is the president and founder of RestaurantWorx™, a full-service, global, Hospitality Coaching and consulting firm based in Fort Worth, Texas. Besides helping clients achieve success by working with them one-on-one, Jeffrey frequently speaks at and attends numerous industry events and local, state and national small business groups in order to share his passion for the business of food and hospitality.

You can find out more about Jeffrey and his work at his company’s website:

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