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The Most Important Decision Most People Never Make (Day 24 – 28 Days to GYST]


This is Day 24 of 28 Days to Getting Your Sh*t Together.  Yesterday, Terry Starbucker gave us such an awesome pratical (and often overlooked) tool for getting our sh*t together. Jonathan Fields takes the spotlight today to challenge our decision, or lack thereof, about something near and dear to us. Get ready!

The Most Important Decision Most People Never Make

By: Jonathan Fields | @jonathanfields

There’s a decision that we all make that has a huge impact on nearly every aspect of our lives–from health to happiness to income and even relationships. Yet, the vast majority of us make this decision…by never making it. We just let it happen then often complain about how it’s affecting us for years or decades. Breaking free and redefining life on our terms means looking seriously at this one defining choice, often for the first time in earnest. Want to know what it is, already? Watch the video. Then feel free to share how you’ve explored the question and choice in the comments below.

Jonathan Fields is a dad, husband, entrepreneur, author and blogger…on even days. On odd days, he runs the country (just not this one). Play with him at or this cute little hideaway cafe on the northern tip of Manhattan.

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