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Dear Santa


I know I am sliding in just under the wire by writing my letter so late.  I’ve heard that the North Pole has really caught up in the technology department, though so hopefully this will reach you in plenty of time. 

I’ve been very good this year.  I keep learning how to be a better mom and a better business woman.  My family tells me that I do a pretty fair job in the Mom department (hey – for them that equals a stellar rating).  My clients tell me that I have served them well, provided tons of great information, tools and strategies.

Oh, and I’ve launched this new thing – this tribe – for mompreneurs who want to fabulous moms and fabulous business women called The Maverick Mom.  Sounds a lot like me, doesn’t it?!  I’ve just decided that playing small serves no one.  You can watch me Play Big right along with the other mompreneurs who join me here.  I think you will be impressed.

My list is pretty short this year ( a far cry from the lists I used to send to you, I know.) I’m not looking for EVERYTHING on this list.  Just one of these under the tree would be really fabulous.

1.  A service person who will make and keep a specific appointment.  You can take your pick of the phone guy, the bug man, the cable person, it really doesn’t matter.  I would just like to have one that says, “I will be there at 9:30” and keep the appointment instead of hearing “We will have someone there between 10 and 2” and they actually show up around 4. 

2. Along those same lines, if you could wrap up a 1-800 number that will connect me right away (that part is important)  to a customer service professional who can a) understand my question or problem b) act interested in solving it (without reading the training script) and c) stay on the line until we are certain the problem is resolved, that would be great.  I know at the North Pole you have customer service down to “T”.  Maybe in the off season the elves could run a training course – if you need an extra revenue stream.

3. A self-cleaning kitchen.  I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time loading the dishwasher, unloading the dishwasher, wiping down counters and tabletops only to turn around and do it all over again several hours later.  I’ve never actually seen one of these but your elves are so great at inventing I figured you were the man to ask.  Oh, not to be greedy or anything, but once you have the technology down, a self-cleaning office and a laundry room that folds and puts away the clothes would be pretty nifty, too.

4. A day off.  I mean a REAL day off. All by myself. With no interruptions. And no frantic phone calls. That means that I don’t spend a week arranging childcare and making lists for those I leave at home to remind them about field trips, sack lunches, laying out clothes for karate, and preparing meals that can be heated up. And that I don’t spend another week cleaning up the disaster area created while I was gone. (ok maybe I am exaggerating, but not by much.) Oh – and if you could handle all the email and voicemail that comes in while I’m gone, that would be great, too. 

5. If you only pick one thing off my list, I hope you pick this one.  See – I am trying to put together $5000 so that I can give an Ark to Heifer International so that they can share the gift of entrepreneurship with families and communities who desperately want to be self-sustaining.  One water buffalo costs $500.  Or, if that is too much, a sheep costs $150.  This Ark is what I really really want.  So anything you can do to make it happend would mean the world to me. (Even though the self-cleaning kitchen would be really really cool.)

I hope Mrs. Claus is doing well and that Rudolph is gearing up for his big night.  I’m including a picture of the Rudolph that currently lives at my house.  He wants to be sure you know he is ready to stand in if your Rudolph should come down with a cold or something.

The usual warm milk and cookies will be waiting (and carrots for the reindeer).

Be safe flying through the sky!


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