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My Definition of an Influencer


First let me say that I am SO over the use of the word “influencer”. It seems everyone is scrambling to a) be one b) access one or c) both.

The rise of, and firestorm of opinions around it, only adds fuel to the Influence fire. (And for the record, I’ve actually gone to the Klout site a time or two, promptly gotten confused by their metrics, and closed it.)

But since “influencer” is apparently going to be the word of 2011, I thought I would share my definition of someone who has it in my world.

Sarah’s definition of an Influencer:

Short definition: Anyone who has a positive impact on my life. (Yes, I know there are negative influencers, but that is a conversation for another day.) This can include clients, my children, friends, colleagues, people who write interesting stuff or even the garbage man.

Longer definition: I am most greatly influenced by those who give me a reason to care.

I’m not really interested in how famous they are. (In fact, I know a lot of famous people who seem to contribute amazing stuff in the social media world but IRL they are self-absorbed jack-asses.) I’m interested in how they make my life and/or my business deeper, richer, better, sweeter.

Selfishly, I’m influenced by the fact that they are interested in me. Unselfishly, I’m influenced by the fact that I am interested in them.

So there it is. My definition of an “influencer”. What’s yours?

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