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Delivering Wow – Lesson #2 From My Live Event


As I pulled up to the Georgian Terrace the afternoon before my live event got underway, my heart was in my throat.  “OMG – you are doing this!” “Who are you to do this?” “Is it gonna be awesome or is it gonna suck?” And all those other charming voices who’ve made quite a home for themselves in my head.

The valet took on look one look at the amount of crap in my car and immediately called over a bellman with a cart. Only it wasn’t just any bellman. It was Anthony. And though I didn’t know it in that moment, my life was about to get radically different.

“Sorry about all the stuff,” I say. “I’m here for a three day event.”

“Well in that case,” replies Anthony, “I’m going to ask to do one thing while you are here. Let me spoil you.”

And he wasn’t kidding.

He schlepped ALL of my stuff (two carts worth) up to my room and then said “As soon as you are ready to come down in the morning, call the front desk, ask for me and I will be right up. ”

But before I could call him the next morning, he was already in my meeting room, asking my staff if I was up yet because he was ready to help.

I could just write a story about Anthony – which I may still do – but I want to share with you what he taught me about delivering Wow.

1. It’s all about attitude. Anthony greets the day with style and attitude. Sure, he has bosses who are older than he is. And I caught a few of them gloating over being able to tell him what to do. He doesn’t care. (and I am certain he out earns them in tips 5 to 1.) He carries himself like he owns the place. And in many ways, I think he does.

2. There is nothing that isn’t my job. Anthony took ownership of the success of my event. More so than the sales staff. More so than the catering staff. He checked on the room about 15 times a day and looked for the chance to ask me directly “Is everything satisfactory?”

I walked in one morning to find maintenance taping down electrical cords. I thought someone on my team asked them to do it. Later in the morning, Anthony walks in with a roll of gaffers tape in his hand. ” I told maintenance to tape those chords down and I saw that loose one over there and thought they hadn’t done their job. I’ll just take a quick minute to fix that one. ”

3. When you excel, others won’t like you. On a couple of occasions, Anthony said “If management has an issue, tell them you asked for me specifically. Some of these other guys don’t like it when I’m the one doing all this stuff.” Yep, I can see that. But here’s the thing. the few times Anthony wasn’t around and some of “the other guys” helped me, they did the minimum. They were polite and helpful, of course, but there was no relationship. Eventually, if Anthony wasn’t around, I’d just wait until he was. Because I liked him that much.

4. It’s the little things. On the morning of Day 2, Anthony stopped me in the lobby and said “You told me you were holding a three day conference. You aren’t holding a conference. You are holding some kind of beauty pageant. I’ve never seen such a gorgeous group.” I asked him if he would come tell the group that. And he did. And they ate it up.

5. Anticipate the wow. Event is over. I’m about to drop. Anthony is helping load my stuff out of the meeting room. In fact he is way over by the door – way away from me. I turn to Liz Marshall and say “I’d love to sit down with you and Andrea and just have a Coke.” About 2 minutes later, Anthony walks up to me and says, “Would you like me to set up some cold Cokes and glasses of ice for you out on the Veranda?” I truly could have kissed him for having such a keen sense of hearing.

When he brought said Cokes and ice out onto the veranda and I asked for the check, he looked insulted. “These are compliments of the Georgian Hotel. Enjoy.”

Obviously I could go on and on about Anthony. But I will stop here. He taught me so much in three days. And as he closed my door after loading up my car (I wasn’t allowed to touch anything), he said, “I meet a lot of people Miss Sarah, but your something special. ”

As are you Anthony. As are you.


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