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Escaping Mediocrity: My Blueprint


So many new adventurers have joined the Escaping Mediocrity Tribe in the past six months, that I thought revisiting the blueprint I am using for my own escape plan might be helpful.

I originally wrote this post back in  – oh wow, just checked the date – MAY 2009 as “Hatching My Escape Plan”. You can read it here.

I am going to copy and paste it here and add some updates. Plus I see that I have neglected to write posts on each element of the blueprint, so I am going to step up that game so that we all have something to go by as we design our own plan to escape mediocrity in our businesses and our lives.


Hatching My Escape Plan

So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my Plan to Escape Mediocrity. I swear it feels like I am masterminding a breakout from Alcatraz. (Cue Mission Impossible music!)

WAIT – I’ll do that for you since I now know how!!

Seriously, I think if I – and anyone else who wants to come along – will ever break free from mediocrity and into a life and business filled with authentic adventure, we need a plan, a map, a blueprint so we can tell if we are on the right track.

I want to share what I have come up with so far. These are in no particular order because no one is going to have the exact same escape mediocrity route. But I think we can at least use them to stake out where we need to begin digging the tunnels.

My plan now is to write a blog post for each one of these so we can elaborate and discuss them.

(As mentioned above, I have dropped the ball on this so I’m going to kick up it up so we can dig in hard on our plan to Escape Mediocrity.)

My rucksack is packed – have a compass, a shovel, and a canteen. Anyone else coming?!

Blueprint for a Kick-Butt Escape Mediocrity Plan

  1. Accept Responsibility, or Not. (wrote blog posts about this here and here.)
  2. Define and Defend Your Integrity. (Though I have touched on this here & there, I want to write a dedicated post.)
  3. Check Your Assumptions. (I talked about this here, but again – it deserves its own post.)
  4. Consider Your Choices. Score – wrote this post It’s All About Choices
  5. Pay Attention. Have this post already planned – yeah me!
  6. Get Into Gratitude. another score – wrote about that here.
  7. Secure Your Spiritual Core. Yeah….need to write this one.
  8. Play to Your Strengths. and this one.
  9. Seek Wise Counsel. and this one.
  10. Protect Your Priorities. Ok – I wrote about creating what matters here, but I want to dig in on how to protect what matters in a future post.

***Emergency Plan for when you get totally lost: Go find someone who needs help and help them.***

Original Art uploaded on May 23, 2008
by phill.d

So, there you go. My blueprint for Escaping Mediocrity. It certainly isn’t the be all to end all, but I still think it is a great place to start. 🙂

So, as always, I am intensely curious about what you think. Do these elements of a plan of escape resonate with you? As you develop your own blueprint to escape mediocrity – however you define that – what elements would you add?

Can’t WAIT to start this conversation!!!

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