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This Escaping Mediocrity Thing is Kind of Messy


I had a whole different blog post planned for today. One that would set just the right tone for my new blog/new brand. You really would have liked it.

But, as you are probably starting to see, very rarely do things actually go as I plan them and today was no exception.

Just as I was about to begin writing my mesmerizing post this morning, I realized that there were still a number of things I needed to clean up after the move. Things like fixing my Aweber box in the top right corner which wasn’t working.  Like re-directing the link for Feedblitz over there to your right.  Like changing the feed links I had in various and sundry places all over the web.  Like remembering exactly how it was I set up my blog feed onto Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (spent an hour re-tracing that). Like making sure the comments were visible and working .

Lots and lots of loose threads that needed to be gathered up before we could officially say we were all moved in to this new domain.

Oh – and did I mention that today was a school holiday so the Young Turk was home all day? And that I am preparing to leave for a five-day trip on Wednesday?

There was a time not so long ago when all that would have thrown me into a full tizzy punctuated by an exceptionally bad mood.  I would have engaged in trying to force things to happen the way I wanted them to happen with all the self-will I could muster. Not a pretty sight to behold and I really don’t recommend as a productive course of action – because it isn’t. Productive I mean.

Today, I chose a different way, a calmer way, a saner way. And a way that actually got the end result I was after.

When I realized all that had to be done before I could post, I quickly made two list: 1) Things I had enough skill to take care myself and 2) Things I had no business trying at home.  The first list was a lot shorter than the second list.  So you know what I did? Instead of trying to figure out how to do things that could seriously break my blog (ie inserting html code into a very particular design), I asked for

That’s right. I reached out to the two people I knew who knew how to do this complicated back of the house stuff and asked them if they had time to help me. And guess what? They both graciously agreed to help! Amazing how that works. And now my blog is fully functional (unless something else crops up – which is entirely likely).

The moral of this story is transformation is messy (see the Goo post if you need a refresher on that) and it is a whole lot easier to get through if we ask for help from good friends along the way.

**This post is dedicated to @Lazarus2000 and @tumbledesign – two friends who went way above and beyond the call of duty on my behalf. I am forever grateful.**

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