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Is The Foundation of Your Biz Solid Rock or Shifting Sand?

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Chances are you’ve heard a version of the parable of the two houses – one is built on a not very sexy solid rock foundation while the other is built on fashionable, yet ever-shifting sand. The inevitable storm comes and guess which house is still standing when it is all over? Of course it’s the one built on solid rock.

But if we all know the truth of this parable, why are so many businesses still being built on that attractive but dicey sandy foundation? Or is it that some business owners don’t know whether they have sand or rock supporting their business?

These questions have been bugging me lately (yes stuff bugs me) so I decided I would put together a free call for the Escaping Mediocrity Tribe to talk about it.

See here’s the thing: I’ve perched my business on that sexy, expensive real estate that looks so enticing when the winds are calm and the sun is shining. And I’ve picked through the rubble that remained after the storm passed – more than once.

I’ve learned how to build a business on a foundation that can weather any hurricane and support whatever I dream up for myself rather than on a foundation that shifts and slides at the slightest breathe of wind.

And I want to share what I’ve learned with you. 🙂

So I invite you to join me for…

In this call I will share:

– 3 tell-tale signs that you are building your business on sand

– 5 quick questions that will reveal cracks in the support structure of your business

– 6 critical components that are present in EVERY rock solid business foundation

And I also plan on having a few special guests who will share their take on this essential business topic.

This call is for you if

– Your business isn’t growing the way you want it to and you think you just need to keep working harder to find a way to make it work.

– You’ve found yourself picking through the rubble of your business wondering how it all fell apart so quickly.

– You are just starting to grow your business and you want it to be sustainable now when you are on the smallish side and later when you are on the largish side (if that is the direction you want go).

Of course there are many other reasons for you to join this call – mainly because it will be a ton of FUN!! So – pop your name and email addy into the boxes below and you will get all of the call details.

Can’t wait to hear your happy voices!



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