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God Bless You, Guy Kawasaki


I was tooling around the internet looking for other Maverick kind of Mom Blogs to connect with and ran across a list at – of all places –  Guy Kawasaki’s blog.

Guy is all about approaching working – and living – in an innovative way.  In fact I think he is the Head Guru of the whole innovation movement.  Which makes him a very nice fit on the Maverick Mom blog because we are all about approaching motherhood in an out o’ the box kind of way.

The most impressive part of Guy’s post on mom blogs wasn’t the list; it was this note that he added (I added the bold type.):

“Note: There is a contingent of readers of my blog who do not like when I write about blogs/blogging/bloggers. I’d guess there’s also a contingent who do not like when I write about non-business, non-tech, non-male subjects. To these readers, I say in advance: “You can never support a mom, much less a mommy blogger, too much, so deal with it.”

God Bless You, Guy Kawasaki.  You are an inspirational Maverick!


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