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The Greatest Accolade


I sent this out to Escape Notes subscribers yesterday. (I send them notes like this from time to time. If you are so inclined, you can subscribe, too, in the top right corner of this blog.) The response was so tremendous that I decided to share it with everyone. Enjoy!

The Greatest Accolade

This afternoon during a thunderstorm reverie, I thought of something that I immediately decided was worth sharing with you.

Ed Gero was my first real Shakespeare teacher. I was lucky enough to study with him first at The Shakespeare Theater in Washington, D.C.

Among the many finer points of acting he shared with me, this is the one that has stayed with me the longest:

“The greatest accolade an actor can receive isn’t an Academy Award or a Tony Award. It isn’t an amazing review in the New York Times. And it isn’t even being #1 at the Box Office.

It’s something he or she can only receive from a fellow actor and it is this: to be called ‘generous’.”

Over time, I learned how right he was. When actors are called “generous”, it means that they put all of themselves out there to make their fellow actors look good. They have no desire to dominate the stage and easily yield the spotlight

to others  – even those with few lines or who simply have a “walk on” part.

In short, it means no ego. A generous actor is supremely confident and secure with nothing to prove.

Everyone wants to be onstage with a generous actor. Every director wants to work with a generous actor. Every audience members leaves just a little in love with a generous actor – though they may have no idea why.

I think it is the same on the online stage we are all sharing. True generosity and all the qualities that go with it is such a rare thing.

And yet when we are in the presence of someone who is confident and secure and whose lack of ego makes it possible

for them to shine the spotlight on others, we find them…well…irresistible. 🙂

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