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Here Comes the Summer!


Can’t write this post without playing one of my all time favorite summer songs:

Here Comes the Summer

On Sunday night, I began the process called Planning the Summer. It involves 5 calendars, 4 highlighters, 1 really good pen, one credit card and lots of juggling.


Because I am putting together the Master Summer Plan for Team Robinson. Who is going to be where, when. Not an easy feat when I also have to factor in my business schedule and Turk Senior’s business schedule.

Which is why I’m starting the planning process now.

See, I’ve waited to plan. I’ve even not had a plan. I never, ever want to live through that train wreck again.

So, I plan it all out. When I will work. When Turk Senior will work. When we will carve out huge chunks of time to play as a family. What gets written down, gets done. And this is never more true than during the crazy, hazy days of summer.

And here’s the other thing I’ve learned over my years of coaching. LOTS of entrepreneurs slack off big time during the summer. And then play catch up for the rest of the fall.

If I stay on top of my game, I’m ahead of the game come September.

But I’m so not interested in sitting inside and working while the sun is shining and the swimming pool is calling my name. That is NOT why I own my own business.

So, I make a plan.

What’s your summer plan?

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