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It's Hip Hop Baby!!


It's Hip Hop Baby!: Things We Do EverydayI just love it when I find something fabulous. As Shama Hyder says, “Sarah, when you love something, you REALLY love it!”

This particular find, however, isn’t just loved by me – it is loved by my six year old son, The Young Turk – so it is a double score in my book.

What is this fab find? A new video called It’s Hip Hop Baby!  Before I tell you about it, let me give you just a little background.

Two years ago the Young Turk started asking for Hip Hop lessons ( I totally blame Reading Rainbow for creating this demand!). I must confess he is quite the dancer – even his pre-school teachers used to say “That boy’s got some moves!”. I searched high and low for Hip Hop lessons for his age group and kept coming up short. Every class I found was for much older kids.

So we settled for some creative movement classes, which kept him happy for a little while. Still, he kept asking specifically for Hip Hop. And, if you know anything about The Young Turk, you know he is doggedly persistent when he gets his mind set on something.

Then, through a serendipitous blog post reading, I found out about It’s Hip Hop Baby!  We’ve watched it over and over again for the past few weeks. At first I thought it was just going to teach my son some dance moves -which was fine by me – but the DVD is so much more than that. The producers incorporate Hip Hop moves, Yoga moves and other creative movement into lessons about things kids do every day – like brushing teeth and getting ready for bed.

The Young Turk – at 6 and a half – is probably at the top of the age range for the DVD – oh how I wish I had found this two years ago! Still, he loves watching it a following along with the Hip Hop Dance instructor when she starts teaching new moves he can take to the playground.

As a bonus, the DVD was created by Chicago mompreneur Candi Carter who set this mission for her company: to educate America’s children in a fun and exciting way. We are dedicated to providing stimulating educational products that are fun for the entire family. Hip children across the country can enjoy the educational DVD, “It’s Hip Hop, Baby!”. This multicultural video is a great way to teach toddlers and preschoolers, ages 2 to 6, key developmental concepts at an early age.

Read more about the entire DVD collection at It’s Hip Hop Baby!

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