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How I organize my time


So…lately lots of people have asked me how I get all the stuff done that has to get done in my business and still have time to wrangle the Young Turk and have a life.

I thought I would share with you how I set up my week. I am not a big organizational freak and this is the only “system”, if you will, that gave me enough structure and enough flexibility to tame the wildness that is my life.

If you find it useful – yay! If not, that’s okay too. 🙂

Monday: Admin Day. This is the day I meet with my team, pay bills, all things paperwork related. this is also the day I look over the coming week, month, 90 Days to think about and plan for upcoming business opportunities.

I do NOT talk to clients or write blog posts on this day. ( I used to write posts on Mondays but I realized it got in the way of completing admin tasks so I don’t do that anymore.)

If you’ve read Michael Gerber’s “The E-Myth Revisited”, this is the day I work ON my business.

Tuesday: Focus Day. These are the days that I concentrate on my high-payoff business activities.  For me, focus days are for coaching clients, leading classes, speaking and writing.  My guiding principal for choosing these activities are they must be ONLY the things that my unique talents and abilities can do.  Period.

Wednesday: Focus Day

Thursday: Focus Day

Friday: I alternate this between Admin and Focus depending on what needs the most attention at the time.

Again – these definitions aren’t rigid. But I have found that if I start blurring the lines between how I define my days, they all start to become one big blur. By focusing my energy, I actually give myself the gift of momentum and can get a good bit accomplished in a short amount of time.

Am I able to to stick to all of this 100% of time? Absolutely not! But I figure if I can stick to it about 70% of the time, I’m doing pretty well.

I’d love to hear how you organize your time so that it serves you. 🙂

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