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Getting Hung Up


So here’s the thing. I get hung up sometimes on my Escaping Mediocrity Adventures. Sometimes it’s because I’m in too big a hurry to get to my destination and actually NEED to slow down and enjoy the scenery along the way.

Other times, though, the stumbling blocks and challenges feel VERY real and can cause me to start circling in some kind of odd holding pattern instead of moving forward fearlessly.

Here are my top 3:

1) I somehow think big money is required for a “proper” adventure. Money for my business, money for travel – consideringwhatever. What I know to be true, though, is that I can escape mediocrity without spending one penny. A kiss for someone I love costs me nothing. Neither does furthering a professional relationship with a note to share a kind thought.

2) I get confused about what steps to take and in what direction. Usually this is because I’m too caught up having things be predictable. I don’t want to take a step unless I know for sure that is THE step I should take. Wrong attitude. Any step is the right step and as long as I just keep doing “the next right thing”, I’ll be ok. Besides, making mistakes, like taking a wrong turn, can reveal something beautiful I would have otherwise missed.

3) I’m not a big fan of free-falling into an adventure without being absolutely certain how it’s going to end. Yes, I already know that that’s not possible and that it will keep me at a standstill of inactivity. Which is why I force myself to show up here and take steps out of mediocrity when I have NO IDEA how it is all going to turn out!

Now, because I’ve fallen in love with everyone who reads this blog and leaves such brilliant comments, I’ve become intensely curious about you and want to know more about YOU and your adventures.

To that end, I’m hoping you’ll be willing to share what hangs you up on your journey to escape mediocrity. I’ll help if I can. Plus, really smart people hang out here and can probably offer even more assistance and support than you can imagine!

I can’t wait. 🙂

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