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If you suddenly had the attention of your perfect, right tribe…..


If you suddenly had the undivided attention of your perfect, right tribe, what would you say to them?

Earlier today, I posed this question on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.¬†As always, I got some incredible responses. I love it when the wisdom of a group far exceeds my own. ūüôā

I’m sharing some of them below. After you read them, I hope you will add your answer in the comments

carla birnberg¬†MizFitOnline¬†Know you are enough. Right in this moment. Rt as u r. & help each other. There’s rm enough for us all to shine.
Andy andrewghayes @SarahRobinson I love you. (er, in answer to your question.)
sumner musolf sumnermusolf @SarahRobinson: I would tell them that listening has exponentially more value than speaking. And accountability is the measure of a career.
Mark Silver¬†MarkHeartofBiz¬†¬†@SarahRobinson¬†“Uh… hi… is this thing on?”
Greg Hartle¬†greghartle¬†@SarahRobinson¬†Don’t tell, show. Don’t talk, take action. Not tomorrow, today.
Constant CrowdConstantCrowd @SarahRobinson To the right tribe: what are the issues that keep you up at night? & what do you wish would magically happen for your brand?
prof.dr.tyler durden¬†swagclub¬†@SarahRobinson¬†I’d say, ‘thanks for doing that thing you do….now go do more if what’s working & dream bigger dreams.’ & I often do say it.
cloudspark¬†cloudspark¬†@SarahRobinson¬†i’d start with thank you and then move into how we’re working for them, to help them.
 Judi Knight I would ask them how I could best serve them.
Nicole BoyceNicole Boyce I want to tell them how much I love and appreciate them in *my* life!
Al Smith I would say Thank You !
 Catherine Altman Morgan Having the opportunity to support them (and be supported by them) energizes and inspires me.
Lori Shea Finnigan I would want to tell them how much I enjoyed them.
Michael Grosheim's profile photo¬†Michael Grosheim¬†–¬†Thank you for you loyalty and support. And, Happy New Year!

Rachael Acklin's profile photo¬†Rachael Acklin¬†–¬†Hello, sweethearts. I love you.

Mary Klaebel's profile photo¬†Mary Klaebel¬†–¬†Thank you.
Tori Deaux's profile photo¬†Tori Deaux¬†–¬†I believe in you. Even when you don’t.
Carrie Wilkerson's profile photoCarrie Wilkerson¬†–¬†agreed with all of the above…I would also add… ‘you are enough. you are worthy. you can do this’
Kathy Sprinkle's profile photo¬†Kathy Sprinkle¬†–¬†What do you want and need most from me?
So what are you now inspired to say or to ask to the tribe you currently have? even if it isn’t the perfect tribe, say it anyway. ūüôā

Oh – and don’t forget to share in the comments!!

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