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I’ve Accomplished What?!


It’s been a crazy year, no doubt about it.

And I’m not counting that we brought the mini-turk home from Russia last August.

I was prepping for an interview and one of the questions asked me to hit the highlights of the past year. I had to stop and think about it. So much of my life happens in the present moment that I don’t have room to store a ton of historical information.

When I pulled out my date book and did an actual review of everything that has happened over the past twelve months in my professional life, I was sort of startled by what I discovered. Some of the highlights include

  • Ranking No. 47 on Dun & Bradstreet’s list of the Most Influential Small Business Experts on Twitter.
  • Being selected to be part of Seth Godin’s Domino Project Street Team.
  • Curating a month-long blog series that tripled my traffic, doubled my list size and strengthened my relationships with my tribe and with some pretty amazing experts (who are now friends)
  • Selling out my Summer Mastermind in less than two weeks.
  • Building a 5 person team who are, at times, even more invested in the success of my business than I am!
  • Hosting an incredible, energetic, life-changing live event in Atlanta.
  • Working with the most amazing group of  private clients ever.
I really can’t believe that list is MY list. 🙂
I’m not writing this to brag. I’m writing this because I want YOU to make the same kind of list. Think back over the past twelve months and write down all the things that have happened in your business that you’ve forgotten about.
Sometimes I think we get so focused on where we are going that we forget all the great things that have happened along the way.  Do stop. Breathe for just a couple of minutes. And write down the very best highlights you can think of. the take it in.
I’m betting you’ve done some pretty amazing stuff. And I’m REALLY hoping you’ll share some of it in the comments. 🙂
P.S. Tomorrow I’m launching my Blog PowerUp! Playbook that will give you everything you need to curate a guest blog series just like the one on my list. Stay tuned for that!
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