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I’ve Jumped Off Another Cliff…..


I emceed Elizabeth Marshall’s and Janet Goldstein’s Book Breakthrough event in NYC last week. They masterfully guided aspiring writers through the maze of writing a book and bringing it to market. I could write a whole post about everything that happened there. But not today.

Today I’m going to give you the short and sweet on the cliff I jumped off of while I was there.

See, people often ask me “Where’s your book?” “When are you going to write a book?” “Do you have a book?” And I always mumble some semi-intelligible answer hoping to change the subject.

I want to write a book. I’ve tried to write a book. And the same thing happens every time. I get bogged down and confused, so I throw in the towel.

Which brings me to last Thursday.  I sat there staring at the opening exercise of “7 Questions About Your Book Idea” (or something like that). These were pretty basic questions like “What do you want to write about?” “Who do you want to write it for?”, stuff like that.

I couldn’t answer any of them. That familiar feeling of stifling overwhelm began to creep over me and I wanted to cry.

I made a decision then and there. When Janet and Elizabeth announced their mastermind program, I was signing up for the top level. Yes, it’s a huge commitment  – both time-wise and money-wise – but it’s what I know I need to do.

Then I did something even scarier. I told the whole room what I was doing and why. Here’s the recap:

– I could bumble around and maybe put a book together on my own.

– I know a lot of authors I could get advice from.

– I could try to piece together all the marketing myself.

– I need to find the sharp edges of my message or my blog and business are doomed.

But I don’t want to figure this all out by myself. And I know, in my heart of hearts, that I do not have the skill set to do it alone.

I want expert help and expert guidance from people who know infinitely more than I do about writing and publishing. And no one knows more about that than Elizabeth and Janet.

Am I scared? You bet! I’ve declared in front of God and everybody that I’m going to actually work on a book. And I know Elizabeth and Janet well enough to know that they are not going to let me slack off now that I’ve committed.  I’ve got nowhere to hide, as they say.

Here’s the other thing I know: to get where I want to go, I’ve got to get really good at jumping off bigger and bigger cliffs. And being scared to jump is simply no excuse not to make the leap.

So I jumped.

What about you? What cliff could you jump off of? What are you tired of trying to figure out alone? What expert help could you get to help you get where you want to go?


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