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Jessica Seinfeld Gives Me a Victory


After a dismal day as a mommy yesterday, I decided early this morning that I would make very intentional efforts to be a more present, conscious mom – and then promptly lost control of the morning before 7am.

At 7:25 breakfast wasn’t even started and we must walk out the door at 7:35 to be on time to school. Two choices before me: a) freak out and rush my son to the table, rush him to eat and rush him out the door.  OR b) whip up healthy french toast (thank you Jessica Seinfeld) with a little sweet potato in the batter, toasted it up, cut it into strips and have a “walking picnic” on the way to school. 

I am happy to report that I chose “b”.  May not be a big deal for some other mom, but it is a huge departure from my default, rush rush rush position.  And I am proud of myself.  Our walking picnic was light and fun.  The french toast took me 7 minutes from start to finish, we were out the door a few minutes early, so we could take our time as we walked and ate and talked.  And my son was happy and laughing when I said goodbye at the crosswalk. 

Not a bad way to start my day. 


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