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Pepper the Dog endorses K9 Cuisine


I realize that I haven’t shared much about our dog (let me rephrase that – the young turk’s dog) Pepper. In so many ways she brings light and joy of the doggie variety into our lives.

She positively dotes on the young turk. He sits on her, holds her tail, pushes on her all day and she never protests. At night he will not sleep until she is curled up at the foot of his bed. When he is sick, she lays on him with eyes wide open, watching over him in the night. And, when the young turk steps in it and gets sent to his room, she is right behind him.

Here is a picture of the love of the Young Turk’s life, Pepper The Dog (taken by The Young Turk):

Now, I am not one who is prone to over-spoiling a dog. I do buy higher end dog food because I’ve learned the hard way that cheap food winds up costing me at the vet’s office. In fact, when Pepper developed chronic yucky yeast infection in her ears (what fun), I read that they are caused by a food allergy to gluten in food. So, I switched her food.  And that handled it – for a while.

Then the infections came back. Another trip to the vet’s office and more treatments with an earwash that smells like vinegar. No one involved in that equation was happy about it (plus we wound up with a stinky vinegar smelling dog!). So, back to the research table to discover that even – the rice and venison dog food I was buying at the pet store had gluten in it – aaaagh!

Then, miracle of miracles, I was asked to review the dog food products of K-9 Cuisine. Well, actually Pepper was asked to review them and then I could write about her response!

First, let me say that K-9 Cuisine is a busy mompreneur’s dream come true. Online shopping plus free shipping means one less errand that has to be done – yeah! AND the high quality, organic, gluten-free products that we got to try mean fewer EXPENSIVE trips to the vet – yeah!

But let me just tell you about Pepper’s response to K-9 Cuisine. Before I could even get the box open she was sniffing it and pawing at it. When I finally opened it up she started jumping around (she’s not prone to that kind of behaviour usually) until I could get a package open for her to dig into. She grabbed her treat and ran off to eat eat in hiding – I guess she thought I might want her to share!

Then put a little of the dog food (it comes in small, easy to handle RE-SEALABLE pouches) into her bowl. She doesn’t like having her food changed so I thought she would take one sniff and walk away. BOY I WAS WRONG! She scarfed it up and stood there looking at me with the “So, aren’t you giving me some more.” kind of look. I had to keep pushing her head to the side of the bowl so I could actually get more in there!

Now, I have to put her outside while I fill her bowl (to keep a dog from getting sick when you change foods, you have to mix their old food with the new food.) Then when she comes in she tries to pick the K-9 Cuisine pieces out of the mix. It’s really too funny to watch.

So, with K-9 Cuisine I get: 1) online ordering 2) free shipping 3) healthy food that keeps my dog out of the vet’s office (MAJOR savings!) and 3) food she loves to eat in packages my son can handle when it’s his turn to feed Pepper.

Don’t know who in my house is now their biggest fan!

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