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A Lesson in Entrepreneurship from The Young Turk


Many of you who follow me on twitter know that I call my six year old (“I’ll be seven at the end of August, Mom!) son The Young Turk. He is fiercely independent, his own self – and a total anarchist. Gee, I can’t imagine how he turned out like that. 😉

The other day we had a conversation that left me proud, teary and in complete awe of his grasp of entrepreneurship. Let me share it so you’ll see what I mean:

Young Turk: You own a business, right Mom?

Me: That’s right sweetie, I do.

Young Turk: And Dad owns his own business, too, right?

Me: He does.

Young Turk: (after a long, uncharacteristic pause): Well I own a business, too.

Me: Really? Tell me about your business. What’s the name of it?

The Young Turk: It’s called “Great Wolves”.

Me: That’s an awesome name. I really like it. What does your company do?

The Young Turk: (and I swear this was completely unprompted by me in any way shape or form): We make toys for children who don’t have any.

Me: <blinking back tears of pride> Wow honey. That’s a really awesome company. You do great things in the world.

The Young Turk: I know. Can I have some ice cream?

Ok – aside from just the overwhelming heart my son demonstrated in that short little conversation, here’s the thing I really admire: He knows the mission of his company. He can articulate it simply, succinctly and clearly. You know what he is about; I know what he is about. It’s a statement that inspires. It’s a statement worth getting up for every single day and giving all you’ve got.

I don’t have a mission statement like that – at least not yet – so I’ve got some work to do.

What about you?


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