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Living In The Solution


I admit it.

When I get scared or overwhelmed, I like to get all mired down in the problem. Really. It feels good to roll around in the muck – like a pig in slop. Plus I get to complain a lot. And when I put energy into complaining, I don’t have any to put into solving the problem.

Who me? Take responsibility? Uh-uh. No way.

And it all works out great until days, weeks or months later, I’m still hearing myself complain about the same stuff. If I’m worn out hearing about it, I can only imagine what it must be like for the people who’ve had to listen to me.

So, I move into the solution.

I should move there way faster than I actually do because I KNOW that is where the action is.  I’m just not that highly evolved yet. (But hey – at least I get sick of hearing myself whine faster – that is HUGE progress!)

Moving into the solution or “Living in the Solution” (a phrase I did not make up but love) is actually quite a relief. After all the time and energy spent whining and complaining – and getting nowhere – it actually feels good to think about how I actually might solve the thing that’s got my panties in a knot.

Very often I start small. I just THINK about solutions. “Hmmmm…..what is one way I might solve that.” No big action or anything – I’m still recovering from all that whining. Then, I might take a small step in the direction of that solution. And then another. And then another.

Or, if I’m in really deep kimchi, I move into full-tilt solution mode. Laser-focused on finding a way – any way – to solve my dilemma.

Either way, I suddenly fin myself  UNfocused on how miserable I am. Rather I am in action, making a solution happen.

Funny how that works.

And funny how soon I will forget that it is just easier to live in the solution in the first place.


(If you are new here and wondering what prompted this post, it’s the fact that I am getting ready for this:

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